I Was Looking for a Great Job–And Found Something Truly Special

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on December 23, 2022

Photo of Rory Monroe

In 2003, Rory Monroe was working at a blinds manufacturer in Washington when his company decided to relocate to Utah. Wanting to explore where the job would take his career, he took a chance and made the move.

A few years into the job, he realized Utah wasn’t where he wanted to live forever. He kept other opportunities on the radar, but struggled to find similar production work. So, he made the job work—for 19 years! 

Finally, Rory decided it was time to move back to Washington and be closer to family. 

Earlier this year, I started looking more aggressively for a job that paid better.  When I searched for my job title, which is Production Assistant, I was finding, like, movie jobs. 

My friend suggested I try changing my job title on my resume and search for ‘Production Scheduler’ instead, because that’s what I was doing. And that did give me much better results. 

It occurred to me then: If I’m going to really look for a new job, it might as well be in Washington. 

That’s when I found a Production Scheduler in Tacoma, through TERRA’s job board

I thought TERRA was a temp-only agency and wouldn’t be able to help me. But if I did nothing, that wouldn’t lead me anywhere. So I figured I’d just call and tell them I’m interested.

I talked to a couple of people and was connected to Betty Melius, who was recruiting for the job. 

I told her that I have nineteen years of production experience, and she said, ‘Give me your resume right now!’

Shortly after they connected, Rory was set up with an interview with the client. And it was during the in-person interview that he discovered something remarkable about this employer. 

I was in the middle of getting a tour of the facility when I recognized the trucks. They had the same logo as the company where my dad worked before he passed. 

That’s when I realized that my dad used to work here for years! It turns out, this company had since changed their name.

My interviewers actually said something to me about it before I did. They told me that I look familiar—I look a little like my dad—so I explained who my dad was. And they remembered him! 

It made me want the job more.

While the client was happy to have an unexpected bonus connection with Rory, it was his incredible years of experience and positive attitude that stood out to them. They quickly offered him the job— which he happily accepted. 

My boss and the people I work with are great. They make me laugh, everyone is super nice and they actually care about each other. In Utah, I felt like just another drone. Here, I have thoughts and feelings that people listen to and take into consideration. 

Plus I have a much better work-life balance. I’m getting out more, I have less stress, I’m getting more sleep. I used to be a little bit of a workaholic and now I go home and relax.

When asked what advice he would give to job seekers, he shared a tip from his father: 

He always told me that if you’re working a job that you don’t like, make sure you get your training and education. Keep learning and you’ll find something that you love. Never stop learning!

Congratulations, Rory! We’re so happy you’ve found a great job with such a special connection!

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