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By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on July 30, 2020

Photo of Ryan Powers Success Story (2)People change careers for a variety of reasons. For Ryan Powers, the decision to transition from a career in the medical industry to driving was due to emotional strain.

Ryan was a Medical Assistant, and while he liked the job overall, it wasn’t easy. Losing patients with whom he had gotten close had become too painful. It was taking a toll on him, mentally and emotionally.

Finally, he reached a point where couldn’t take it anymore.

He decided it was time for something different, and that is how Ryan’s career as a driver began.

He worked as a truck driver for about seven years. The job was a nice change of pace and exactly what he needed. Unfortunately, in his most recent driving role he wasn’t getting the best hours.

And though Ryan had once said that he would never work for a staffing agency because of the negative stigma, when he needed help finding a new job, he ultimately did turn to TERRA’s Tacoma team for help.

Ryan was flexible in his needs and expectations. He just wanted to get to work.

The Tacoma team did find him employment and when that assignment came to end, he reached out to them once more.

This time, he connected with Tacoma Recruiter Jennifer Yoon.

Ryan made a great impression on Jennifer.

She said, “I thought Ryan was very funny and friendly. I could tell that he was looking for a workplace that felt like home, but also an environment that allowed him to be himself.”

Jennifer told him about a CDL position she was recruiting for and he was interested.

“It was a job with good benefits. That’s all I could ask for,” he shared.

Ryan’s personality and resume impressed the client as well. They thought him a great fit for the role and wanted him to start right away.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, he is wasn’t in the role long before there was a two-month lay-off.

During that time, Ryan kept in touch with Jennifer.

“He remained resilient and strong through it all,” Jennifer said.  “He stayed in contact with me throughout the whole process and made sure to communicate that he wanted to be there.”

Thankfully, Ryan returned to work. And we have some great news! Instead of having to go through a probationary period, he was offered a full-time position after just a few weeks!

He is ecstatic about his job.

“I have my own truck that no one else drives. The job is Monday to Friday with weekends off. I love that I get to be home every night, which is unheard of in the trucking business, and I love the freedom the job gives me.”

Jennifer says that the client is very happy with Ryan as well. “They value his work ethic and his commitment to safety.”

We asked him to share what characteristics he thinks make him a good employee.

He said, “Part of it is my personality. I am very eclectic and have never met a stranger. I also have a strong work ethic. I’m always early and always stay late. And when I see a mechanical problem, I know how to fix it.”

Ryan’s advice to job seekers who are looking to find a new opportunity is this:

“Have an open mind. Don’t cut yourself short and get out of the ‘I can’t do this’ mindset.”

And if you are struggling to find employment on your own, Ryan recommends contacting TERRA.

“Jennifer shattered my expectations. It didn’t even feel like I was working for a staffing agency. She has always been a great advocate for me. Working with TERRA was easy. The process was straightforward and streamlined. No one beat around the bush.”

Ryan, we are so glad that we could help you find the right fit and that you had such a great experience partnering with us! We wish you continued success!

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