TERRA Helped Me Find a Fulfilling Job Where I Feel Valued

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on March 19, 2021

Going to a job every day where you don’t feel valued can really hurt your spirits. And, unfortunately, this was something Shavonne Allen was all too familiar with.

Shavonne had been working for years as a forklift driver for the same company and she was disheartened by the lack of recognition. 

Not only was Shavonne’s self-esteem taking a hit from a job that she didn’t find emotionally fulfilling, she needed financial help. The pay wasn’t enough to make ends meet.

But wanting a change, for many, doesn’t always result in taking action. Lots of people stay in jobs they don’t like because they’re familiar and provide a sense of stability, even if they don’t provide job satisfaction. 

Not Shavonne though. She wanted a job that would truly make her happy and allow her to provide for her family. 

When she decided it was time for her to make a change, someone referred her to TERRA’s Tacoma branch

Shavonne seized this opportunity and met with a recruiter right away. 

Due to her great work experience, her recruiter immediately found her a position as a forklift operator! 

“I talked to my recruiter on March 11th and by March 13th I was in my new company as a temporary associate!” Shavonne exclaimed. 

Not only was her placement fast, it was instantly clear to her that this opportunity was a better fit for her skills and experience. 

Her new job provided her with great supervisors, a steady schedule and, most importantly, better pay! She was even working with newer equipment! 

And here’s what makes her story even better, her new employers gave Shavonne the recognition she felt she had been lacking in her old job. 

“It was amazing. I’d given so much to my last company and I’d gotten so little. Here, I got recognized right away. And the atmosphere was so positive. The company was well-run, and it was a great work environment. My peers were great, too!”

But while the situation was ideal, the timing was less so.

COVID-19 disrupted the world and Shavonne’s new company found themselves in a hiring freeze. They kept her on as a temporary employee, but they did not know when – and if – they could hire her permanently.

Suddenly, Shavonne’s future became uncertain. But she didn’t let fear seize her. Instead, she decided to prove herself. 

She shared, “I showed up every day. I worked hard and I gave it my best.” 

Unsurprisingly, Shavonne’s dedication paid off. Her new employers were so impressed with her hard work and amazing attitude that as soon as their hiring freeze was over, they hired her on as a full-time, permanent employee! 

“I was one of the first people they hired after the freeze!” Shavonne beamed with pride.

This allowed Shavonne to enjoy her work without worrying about the future.

Having job security and working for a company that actually valued her has changed her life! But don’t take our word for it, hear from Shavonne herself:

“My life has improved so much since starting this job. I went from being a renter and needing help financially to being in the process of becoming a homeowner. I get great health benefits and a great pay. Things are so much more stable for me and my family.”

And Shavonne’s drive, hard work and amazing dedication have not gone unnoticed. Her warehouse supervisor couldn’t be more delighted with her.

He said, “Shavonne has all the energy and desire to excel in the world! I like the fact that she doesn’t wait around for others to give her direction. She takes initiative and gets the job done. Shavonne also displays an infectious positive attitude that always brings a smile to the people that she comes into contact with. She has a great heart.” 

Clearly she knows what it takes to be a stand-out employee!

If you are struggling to find work or if you feel underappreciated in your current job, here’s Shavonne’s advice: 

“Stay positive, stay committed, and don’t give up!”

With that wonderful mindset and positive approach, Shavonne, we’re sure you will continue to thrive in your career! 

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