TERRA Believed in Me and Helped Me Land an Awesome Job

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on March 15, 2016

A happy Adrian, on the job!
Meet Adrian Woods, now Shipping and Fulfillment Lead!

Adrian Woods had been a warehouse manager at a casino for 12 years. When he was offered what he thought was a better opportunity in the food production industry, he took it.

Unfortunately, he was in that role for only a year before being laid off.

One day, Adrian found himself in an unemployment office. While there, he saw a flier for TERRA Staffing Group.

He’d never heard of TERRA before, but decided to take a shot.

He met with Tukwila Recruiter, Amanda Roberts. Right away, Adrian knew that she cared about where he ended up. This was totally different from his previous experience with staffing firms.

The last employment agency Adrian worked with was, according to him, “hard to talk to.” But Amanda really listened to what he was looking for. She appreciated his eagerness to learn and his desire to do great work.

“I promise, no matter what role you put me in, I’ll put my all into it and prove to your client that they made the right choice by hiring me,” Adrian told Amanda.

She had the perfect company in mind for him and set him up for an interview. The client really liked Adrian, and the skills he brought to the table.

Ultimately, the choice came down to two candidates. The hiring manager loved both candidates so much that he wanted to create a position just so he could hire both of them.

Sadly, however, when the CEO decided on only one candidate, it wasn’t Adrian.

But Amanda didn’t stop fighting on his behalf. She convinced the company to take Adrian on for a month to see if he had what they were looking for.

Perhaps it was how fast Adrian caught on to the procedures. It could have been the way he made it a point to learn how the company operated instead of trying to change their methods. Whatever it was, Adrian made an impression.

They loved him so much that after a week he was converted to a full-time position!

According to Amanda, “He had the fundamental skills and qualifications, but he had a personality and professional demeanor that you can’t teach.”

Though much of the job was new to Adrian, he didn’t let it slow him down. He was challenged to step out of his comfort zone, and he did just that. He even took on additional responsibilities in the shipping and receiving department, which helped the company save money.

And we’re happy to report that since being hired, Adrian has been promoted to the Shipping and Fulfillment Lead!

Adrian’s desire to succeed, combined with Amanda’s determination to see Adrian succeed, make this a great success story!

If you would like help creating a success story of your own, contact us today!

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