TERRA Bridged the Gap Between My Education and My Dream Job

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on March 14, 2014

You really never know when Opportunity is going to come knocking on your door…

Today’s success story revolves around Zachery Castellanos. After graduating with his Associates Degree in Specialized Technology in 2010, Zachery’s goal had been to become a Diesel Technician but he found himself doing construction, manual labor, or farm work instead. He had just about given up hope on ever having a career in his field of study.

Meet Zachery -his dream job is now a reality.
Meet Zachery -his dream job is now a reality.

In October of 2013, Zachery found himself in need of work. He reached out to TERRA’s Portland office after seeing one of their job postings and met with Josh Byrnes, our Portland Branch Manager. He shared his goals, professional background and education with him.  Upon learning more about him, Josh realized that Zachery would be an excellent fit for a position he was working on and reached out to his client.  Unfortunately, the client had filled the position internally.

Our Portland team helped Zachery find temporary work doing production work in the interim, and even though it was not ideal, he was game to do it. After all, he never really expected to have to a real shot at working in his area of study. Little did he know what awaited him!

One month after his initial meeting with Josh, the same client called saying that their internal hire had not worked out and that the position was once again available. Josh immediately picked up the phone, called Zachery and presented him, AGAIN, for the position. They met with him, loved him, and hired him!

Now, Zachery is in a job he loves, doing exactly what he’s always wanted to do. He is incredibly happy to have this long-term career opportunity.  He was impressed, to say the least. He’d come to TERRA hoping to satisfy an immediate need, never dreaming that we would be able to bridge the gap between his training and the job he desired.

Thank you, Zachery, for letting us be a part of your story!


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