TERRA Found Me More Than Just Work – They Found Me a Job I Love

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on March 29, 2016

Casey was featured in TERRA's Talent Showcase, where we shine the spotlight on some of the top talent we work with.
Casey was also featured in TERRA’s Talent Showcase, which spotlights exceptional talent.

After eight years working in the oil and gas industry in Iowa, Casey Jones and his wife decided to move to Seattle.

Casey had spent those eight years working in a factory, which he didn’t enjoy. He told his wife that he had no interest in working a job he hated when they moved to Seattle. No one should have to do that.

While doing an online job search, Casey came across TERRA. He made an appointment for the same week he arrived in Seattle.

He met with Emily Kaplan, Seattle Recruiter. She thought that Casey had a very skilled background. She also thought his strong personality was a standout quality. Emily knew that Casey would fit in well wherever he went.

But Emily was honest with Casey. She told him that he had a very good set of skills but because they were so specialized, finding him the right fit wouldn’t be fast.

She offered to help him find temporary employment until she could find the right position for him to go full time – and no factory work! Casey agreed.

He had never done temp work before, but he found that there were plenty of temporary opportunities available to him.

A few months later, Mark Eckroth, Seattle Staffing Manager, was doing a search for a position that required a very unique set of skills and a specific personality. When Emily heard, she gave Casey’s resume to Mark.

Mark felt that Casey would be a perfect fit with his client. He had the rights skills for the job and the right personality. (Not to mention the fact that the two hiring managers had amazing beards and so did Casey!) He knew that they were going to hit it off.

And they did.

The client really liked that Casey was so analytical. He seemed to have strong knowledge in their field.

After Casey’s first interview with the client, they said that Casey was exactly what they were looking for.

But before they could make a final decision, they had other candidates to interview. Yet, after every interview, the client lamented that none of those candidates compared to Casey.

So a second interview was set up for Casey – this time to let Casey know that they were going to extend an offer!

Casey is now three weeks into his new position. He’s learning a whole new industry that’s, according to Casey, “a great and enjoyable challenge.”

While it’s great to find a job, there’s no better feeling than finding a job you love.

We are so happy that we were able to help Casey find work that he enjoys.

If you are looking to find a job you love, contact us! We’d love to help you create a success story of your own.

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