TERRA Helped Me Find My Career "Home"

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on September 3, 2014

Paul was featured on TERRA’s Talent Showcase, which shines the spotlight on top talent.

Paul Root worked for the same company for 27 years before retiring. When he eventually decided to go back to work, a Craigslist search brought him to TERRA.

He met with Stephanie Launius, Tacoma Recruiting Coordinator, and told her about his food production and supervisory experience. He also let her know that he was looking for somewhere to settle down and call his career “home.”

Stephanie knew immediately that Paul was an exceptional candidate and gave his name to Barb Van Meter, Tacoma Staffing Manager. Barb felt the exact same way.

The first thing she did was feature Paul on TERRA’s Talent Showcase – a page on the company website where current and prospective clients can take a sneak peek at the top talent we help place. The next thing she did was place Paul on various day-to-day assignments, since he was flexible and willing to work temporary assignments until we could find him the right fit.

He didn’t last long on the Talent Showcase, nor did he last long as a temporary employee because Barb was able to find Paul a contract-to-hire opportunity as a supervisor with a locally-owned and renowned food production company.

And we are incredibly happy to report that the client loved him so much they converted him to regular, full-time employment with the company!

Paul stays in regular contact with TERRA, but in a completely different way – now, he’s the one calling Barb requesting workers!

“Everything worked out great!” Paul said. “This is the only staffing company I have ever worked for and the experience was a very nice one. I specifically want to say thank you to Barb!”

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