TERRA Helped Me Create My Success Story, Not Once But Twice

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on March 25, 2016

Meet Kasandra, now HEAD of the returns department!
Meet Kasandra, now HEAD of the returns department!

Kasandra Downs had given up on staffing firms. They could never find her positions that were a fit for her experience and skills.

But when she moved from Indiana to Washington, she knew a staffing firm would be her best shot at getting a job.

She turned to TERRA for help with her job search, thanks to the recommendations of multiple friends.

And guess what? TERRA found her a job!

Not long after getting hired, however, the company relocated to California. Being that she had just moved across the country, she had no problem with a quick move from Washington to California.

Kasandra worked for the client for four years before deciding to return to Washington.

In need of a new job, she immediately turned to TERRA – again.

She met with Patty Stoddard, now Everett Branch Manager, but who at the time was a Recruiter for TERRA’s Everett location.

Patty knew that Kasandra’s experience working in distribution centers, her positivity and her can-do approach to work made her an excellent candidate… and she had just the job in mind for her.

Patty had a rapidly-growing client that was in need of someone to work in their returns department, helping to track products. Because of her success working in the distribution center of TERRA’s former client, Patty knew this job would be great for Kasandra.

Sure enough, Patty was right.

Within three days, Kasandra was at work, turning chaos into order in the returns department!

And we are happy to announce that she has since been hired on as a full-time, regular employee!

But wait, it gets more awesome than that – she is now the HEAD of the returns department!

We asked Kasandra to tell us about her experience working with TERRA.

“It has been one of the best experiences I have had finding a job. It was an easy process and within a few days they had me working. The second time I used their services was even easier!

I would really like to thank Patty Stoddard. It has been little over a year since I started as a temp and now, after hard work, of course, I am the head of the department! I owe much to her and her blind faith in my abilities.”

Patty, too, had wonderful things to say about Kasandra. “I still pop over to her department on my weekly client visits. They are really lucky to have her, and I feel fortunate to have worked with her!”

We are so happy for Kasandra and that we had the opportunity to help her create not one, but two success stories!

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