TERRA Helped Me Find the Career of My Dreams

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on April 12, 2016

Congratulations on the new job, John! We are so glad you’ve found a career that’s right for you.

John Keifman had worked as a Shipping Lead for over 13 years.

After he moved to Washington in late 2014, he worked a few different jobs but had yet to find that perfect career.

A friend of John’s had used TERRA to find a job in Lynwood, WA. John had never really considered using a staffing agency to find a career, but his friend was so happy that John thought he should give it a try.

John went to the TERRA’s Everett office, filled out an application and sat down with Recruiter, Kirsten Poe.

And in just a few days, he received a call from Kirsten regarding a temp-to-hire role for a Shipping Lead that matched up perfectly with his skill set!

Kirsten thought John would be a good fit for this position because he had worked as a Warehouse Foreman for nine years before relocating.

She said, “John was a very well-spoken and experienced warehouse candidate. He was very excited about the Shipping Lead position and interviewed within a day or two of being presented for the position!”

Not only that, but in just a month and a half, John was given a bump in pay!

The employer loved his experience and attitude!

John’s Shipping Manager had this to say about him, “John’s done a fantastic job leading a shift of my team under difficult circumstances and through a company move – working indoors and outdoors, into the evening, in inclement weather, and running a team of guys with precision and understanding.  He’s been an asset to the team, for sure!”

John wanted to thank Kirsten Poe. In John’s words, “She answered all of my questions happily and really was at the forefront of working with me and my new career in matching us up perfectly.”

He went on to say, “I recommend TERRA for anyone who is looking to change careers or finding a way to get back on their feet. Listen—because they know what they’re talking about, and they will listen to you about your career desires. Dress to impress—they are the first face you are going to see to match you up with what could easily be the career of your dreams.”

John, thank you giving us the opportunity to assist you with your job search. We are thrilled to have been able to help you find the career of your dreams!

If you are job seeker in need of some help finding the right fit, contact TERRA today.

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