TERRA Erased My Doubts About Staffing Services and Helped Me Land a Job I Love!

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on February 28, 2014

We are thrilled to share the story of Amanda Bentz, a 26-year-old, single mother, who turned what was to be a temporary assignment into a long-term career opportunity!

(L-R) Amanda and Recruiter-turned-friend, Morgan
(L-R) Amanda and Recruiter-turned-friend, Morgan

Being the sole provider for her daughter, Brooklyn, Amanda’s number one priority has always been to have a good job and a steady income. And although she’d graduated from college, she constantly found herself doing manual labor jobs in order to pay her bills and simply get by. When she found herself in need of employment to provide for both herself and her young daughter, she knew she needed to do something about it – quickly. And even though she was dubious about working with a staffing agency, something she’d never done before, she decided that it wouldn’t hurt to try. She reached out to TERRA and Morgan Mason, Recruiter in our Kirkland office, was able to help place her quickly in a temporary position that would help with her immediate needs.

Amanda loved the position, loved the people she worked with and knew she wanted to turn this opportunity into something more. She worked hard and put her best foot forward every day, and we are happy to say that her efforts paid off! She is now a regular, full-time employee at a company she loves and has the steady income she needs to support herself and her daughter.

How did you hear about TERRA?

I was on the internet looking for a new job and saw an ad for building medical equipment. I didn’t have experience in that job specifically, but being that I am mechanically inclined, I thought I would look into it further. It turns out that the job was through an agency called TERRA. At first, I was skeptical. I had never gone through a staffing agency before. But I really wanted the job and figured that it wouldn’t hurt to try it and see.  If nothing else, I would have a steady paycheck for a few months while I continued to look for steady work.

I immediately fell in love with the company they placed me with – the work was fun, the people I worked with were nice, and I decided that I didn’t want to leave. So in the months I was there, I worked extremely hard. I showed up to work on time every day, and every day I tried my absolute best, hoping to make a lasting impression on my boss.  A full-time position eventually became available, and even though I thought I was a long shot because there were other temps there with more experience, I went and applied for it.  A few weeks later, my boss called me into her office, and I was signing paperwork with my new permanent employer!

How did your experience with TERRA compare to what you expected or experienced from other staffing firms?

I’d never used a staffing company to gain employment before, but if I ever find myself in a position where I need a new job, or if any of my friends end up needing work, I will definitely recommend going to TERRA Staffing Group.

Is there anyone specifically at TERRA you would like to thank?

I would like to thank Morgan Mason. She was so helpful through the entire process. If I ever had a question, it was immediately answered. Or if she were busy helping another client, she called me back within minutes. Morgan was encouraging and uplifting every time I spoke with her. And she was just as excited as I was when I was hired on permanently! She will likely be a lifelong friend to me now.

What else would you like us to know?

One of the things I liked best about TERRA Staffing Group was how well the various locations communicated with each other. If I needed to drop off paperwork, I could go to any location and they could take care of it for me. I never had to travel too far in order to be able to start work. They were always on the same page and always knew exactly what I was there for. I also really liked how friendly all the staff at all of the locations were!

Thank you, Amanda, for sharing your story!

Thank you for helping me find a steady job! My daughter, Brooklyn, and I couldn’t be happier with how all of this worked out!


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