TERRA Helped Turn My Enthusiasm Into Opportunity

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on March 7, 2016

Steven's positive attitude and strong work ethic helped him secure regular, full-time employment fast!
Steven’s positive attitude and strong work ethic helped him secure regular, full-time employment fast!

When he learned that he was going to be a father at the age of 15, Steven Bates quickly stepped up to his parental responsibilities and began working. Because he moved around quite a bit, he had to work many different jobs. But he always liked working in a warehouse.

Steven was looking for a new opportunity and an internet search led him to TERRA. He met with Kirsten Poe, Everett Recruiter.

Upon meeting Steven, Kirsten knew that his background in assembly and as a crane operator, in addition to his eagerness to work and positive attitude, made him a great candidate. And she knew just where he would be a perfect fit – with a brand new TERRA client, a building supply/material company.

The position was temporary with the possibility for regular employment.

According to Kirsten, “This is a very physical position and requires someone who can work on their feet all day in a fast-paced environment and do a lot of heavy lifting. It’s not for everyone, but it seemed like the right fit for Steven.”

And it was.

He was hired after only four months! (On average it takes about 10 months!)

Steven’s General Manager had this to say, “Steven is here on time every day and stays on task until the job is completed. Always has a smile on his face. Well respected by his peers. He is one of our best, actually. Very nice man.”

The way Steven’s General Manager describes his work ethic shows what can happen when enthusiasm meets opportunity. All Steven needed was a company that could see him for all he was worth and see his ability and his desire to work.

When asked about his time with TERRA, Steven said, “I have worked for a couple of staffing companies, but TERRA is by far the best one.” He went on to say that TERRA Staffing Group has the “kindest office personnel that I had the pleasure working for.”

We are so happy that we were able to match Steven’s eagerness to work and his positive attitude with a good job that matched his skill set.

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