TERRA Listened to Me and Helped Me Find Exactly the Kind of Work I Was Looking For

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on April 8, 2016

Isaac Ahue
Isaac couldn’t be happier with his new role and we couldn’t be happier for him!

When Isaac Ahue’s brother mentioned that there was a lot of warehouse opportunity in Portland, Isaac decided to make the big move from Hawaii. He had experience in the warehouse and distribution field and thought he could find a great job.

While searching online, he found an ad for a warehouse position on Craigslist and applied.

Isaac received a call back from TERRA’s Beaverton office to see if he was interested in coming in for an interview.

He first met with Briana Gomez, Beaverton Office Coordinator. Isaac felt Bri was kind and inviting, which immediately put him at ease.

He then met with Crystal Burnett, Staffing Specialist, for his interview. Crystal was excited about his skills and experience. Unfortunately, the position Isaac originally applied for was not going to work for him because it wasn’t on the Max Line, and he wouldn’t be able to commute to work.

Even though he left the office without a new job, Isaac knew that he wouldn’t work with anyone but TERRA on his job search.

You see, when he first moved, Isaac had applied with another staffing firm. He told them he was looking for a long-term warehouse position. They sent Isaac to do short-term, line production work, which wasn’t what he was looking for. They weren’t listening to him.

TERRA was different. He not only thought everyone was really professional, he believed they genuinely cared about what he wanted in a new position.

And his intuition about TERRA being a company he could count on proved to be right.

I couldn’t be happier with the work TERRA found me…[the recruiter who placed me] is my job guardian angel.

That very same day, a warehouse position opened up that was perfectly in line with Isaac’s background!

He returned to the office and this time met with Beaverton Recruiter, Mary Kochiss.

Mary really liked Isaac. Not only was he extremely respectful, he had a great attitude – and a great handshake!

After discussing his work history and learning a little bit more about what he was looking for, Mary knew this new opportunity with her client would be a great fit.

Isaac had the skill set the client was looking for and he had the right attitude, too.

The employer liked Isaac from day one. “He’s attentive, picks things up quickly, and works well within a team environment. He’s easy to get along with and just brings a positive vibe to the warehouse.”

Isaac shared his thoughts about his experience working with TERRA. “I couldn’t be happier with the work they found me and I feel like this is a great long-term fit. Keep up the good work!”

He also mentioned Mary, who helped place him in his new role. He said, “She is my job guardian angel.”

We are so pleased about how things worked out for Isaac and are glad we were able to help him create his success story.

Let us help you create a success story of your own. If you are a job seeker looking for a new career opportunity, contact us today!



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