TERRA Made All the Difference in my Transition to Seattle from the Midwest

By Jenifer Lambert

Posted on December 3, 2013

At TERRA, our mission is “Success Stories Created Daily.”  In this post we are happy to share with you the success story of Nathan Miller who initially worked through TERRA on temporary assignments before we placed him in a full-time job with a great Seattle company.

First tell us a little bit about you and your background.

My name is Nathan Miller and I moved to Seattle about 3 months ago.  I’m originally from Indianapolis, IN but wanted to move to a larger city with more opportunities and experiences.  I really enjoy hiking, camping and the outdoors, and wanted to live somewhere with a wide variety of state parks, forests, mountains, and lakes to explore. 

Nathan Miller moved to Seattle for a variety of reasons including his love of the great outdoors.
Nathan Miller moved to Seattle for a variety of reasons including his love of the great outdoors.

In 2003 I graduated from Indiana University with a BA in both Telecommunications and Theatre & Drama.  I also earned a Business minor.  While at Indiana University I was a Resident Assistant and played rugby.  I have worked in a variety of fields including Audiovisual, Event Coordinating, Human Resources and Admissions.  In addition to Indianapolis I have also lived in Los Angeles and Charleston, South Carolina, but I’m glad to call Seattle my new home!

 How did you hear about TERRA? 

Having moved to Seattle without a job lined up, I knew I had to find temporary work to ease my transition.  I had used various staffing services in the past and knew how valuable they can be in job placement.  I found TERRA through an internet search and, based on good reviews, I contacted the Tukwila office.  The staff, especially Michelle Harbarcuk, were great and they quickly placed me in a temporary data entry position.   

Nathan's hitting the trails in style.  We love those socks!
Nathan’s hitting the trails in style. We love those socks!

How did your experience with TERRA compare to what you expected or experienced from other staffing firms?

My experience with TERRA far exceeded my past experiences with other staffing agencies.  Not only was the level of communication superior, but I truly felt the staffing agents were working hard to personally find me a position.  Both the Tukwila and Seattle offices were amazing and followed up with me to let me know what the status was when they would submit my resume for temporary and permanent positions. 

The Tukwila office quickly found me a temporary placement, much faster than I could have expected, which lasted over a month.  Then, Barbara Van Meter found a permanent position for me to interview for leading to the job I currently have.  Her help with both my resume and interview preparation were crucial in my being hired for this position.  TERRA has made all the difference in my transition to Seattle from the Midwest. 

Is there anyone specifically at TERRA you would like to thank?

Michelle Harbarcuk and Barbara Van Meter were unbelievably helpful, professional and were always available when I needed assistance.  Even though I’m sure they had many other clients, they always made me feel like I was the only one they were assisting.  I cannot thank them enough. 

What else would you like us to know?

The level of customer service and professionalism displayed by both the Tukwila and Seattle offices from everyone I encountered was exceptional.  Every step was communicated and followed up on.  Thank you for your hard work!

Thank you, Nathan, for allowing us to be part of your success story.

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