TERRA Made Me Feel Important – I Couldn’t Be Happier in My New Role

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on June 3, 2016

Recruiter Mary Kochiss is so excited about Ashley's success, she couldn't help jumping for joy!
Recruiter Mary Kochiss is so excited about Ashley’s success, she couldn’t help jumping for joy!

Ashley Brown began her career as a substitute teacher but not long after shifted gears towards more industrial work.

In six years, she gained skills in a variety of areas, including shipping and receiving, stocking, inventory, soldering, just to name a few. Ashley was not afraid of hard work, often volunteering to help when her team was shorthanded.

When she wanted a change, she partnered with a staffing firm for help. They found her a position doing soldering work for an electrical company. But she wasn’t happy.

“I felt like I was never going to be hired on,” Ashley admitted.

Then, as luck would have it, Ashley was contacted by TERRA’s Beaverton office.

Ashley spoke to Recruiter, Mary Kochiss, and made a great first impression.

“Ashley had a positive attitude. She was also confident in her abilities – and had the resume to prove it!” Mary said. She would be a great addition to any team.

And as it happened, Mary was working on a contract-to-hire role for one of her clients that required someone with an electronic manufacturing background.

“With her previous experience doing soldering, she was a shoe in!” Mary exclaimed.

She was right. Once the client met with Ashley, they saw that she had the skills, the motivation and just a great overall attitude towards her work, and they brought her onboard.

The client said, “She is awesome. She learns quickly, shows initiative, produces quality work, and is an asset to the team.”

So it should come as no surprise that starting in June they will be bringing her on as full-time, regular employee! But that’s not all the exciting news. They have also been training her to take on more of a leadership role!

“TERRA Staffing Group actually cared about me! From day one they have made me feel like I was important. It feels like a family when I speak to Mary, Bri (Beaverton Office Coordinator), or any other member of the team,” Ashley told us.

She added, “I couldn’t be happier in my new role. When I started in my new position, I would hear from Mary every once in a while, checking in on me. It makes a big difference knowing they have my back and want me to succeed.”

This made Mary a little emotional. “This is when my job has the most meaning – when an employee is both happy and successful in their role. It makes my job worth it!”

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