TERRA Never Gave Up On Me – And Now I Have a Job I Love

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on March 9, 2016

Marcus and his fans at TERRA! (L-R: Corryn, Yevon, Marcus, and Morgan)
Marcus and his fans at TERRA! (L-R: Corryn, Yevon, Marcus, and Morgan)

When Marcus Netters moved to Washington from Colorado he had about a week’s worth of money in the bank.

But it was fine because he had a job lined up.

Unfortunately, as luck would have it, his new employer informed him that his start date might have to be pushed back several weeks.

Naturally, Marcus began to worry. What was he going to do?

His roommate suggested that he go to a staffing agency – and recommended several, including TERRA. Being that TERRA was closest to home, Marcus decided to go there first.

He spoke to Morgan Mason, Kirkland Branch Manager, and Corryn Reynolds, Kirkland Recruiting Coordinator, and, together, both Morgan and Corryn were able to help place Marcus on some short-term assignments, allowing him to gain some income while he waited for his other job to start.

It never did.

Morgan and Corryn worked diligently to find work that was the right fit for Marcus.

Whatever position they placed him in, the clients would love him. Short-term assignments were always getting extended. But despite his being a hard worker with a great attitude, luck never seemed to be on Marcus’ side.

No client was ever able to hire him on as a full-time, regular employee.

Morgan said, “He must have done more than a hundred assignments for us, all with nothing but great feedback. But things would happen to prevent clients from hiring him. Things that were always beyond his control.”

Amazingly, Marcus stayed positive. He was always willing to do temporary work or take on seasonal opportunities. He was seriously the Kirkland team’s go-to guy.

And one day, the tides shifted in his favor.

The Kirkland branch received a call from an aerospace manufacturing client who needed help with a 2-3 week project moving their warehouse to a different location.

They immediately thought of Marcus.

He completed the assignment, but the client really liked him and found other things for him to do. They had him work the assembly line, taught him how to do sanding… they really didn’t want to let Marcus go.

The client said, “We really like him. He fits really well with our team.”

So they decided to keep him.

They converted Marcus from a temp to full-time, regular employee – and he received a significant pay bump, too!

The Kirkland team was beyond excited. Morgan shared, “We love Marcus and are so very proud of him!”

Marcus worked with TERRA for nearly two years before ultimately finding the right fit.

But he didn’t give up – and his recruiters never gave up on him.

And that’s part of the beauty of his story.

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