TERRA Never Gave Up on Me and Now I Have a Job I Love

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on May 24, 2016

We are so happy we were able to help you find a job that allows you to let your talents shine.

Devin Ferner has been working since age 12. Since then, he’s gained a lot of experience in various fields – fast food, customer service, sales support… he even served in the military for four years.

But after moving to Seattle from Vancouver, WA in August of 2015, he found himself unemployed.

It was a very stressful six months.

Devin came across TERRA while doing an online job search on Craigslist. When he heard TERRA was a staffing agency, he was hesitant. But he took the plunge.

Devin met with Kirkland Recruiter, Yevon Yoo, and she knew immediately that he had some great skills. She even featured him in TERRA’s Talent Showcase, which was designed to shine the spotlight on exceptional talent.

Yevon sent him out on a few interviews… sadly, they didn’t pan out.

“I felt discouraged but she stayed positive. Yevon never gave up on me. She went to bat for me. She never stopped trying,” Devin shared.

Yevon believed in Devin. She knew he would be an exceptional employee. And he demonstrated that professionalism even when interviews didn’t go well. He had great follow-through and excellent communication. And if he was frustrated, he remained personable. She admired his perseverance.

Then opportunity knocked. Her client was looking for someone with Excel skills. Someone with customer service experience who would understand pricing and margins.

Though the role and industry were new to Devin his previous experience aligned perfectly to the responsibilities of the job. He had a strong customer service and sales support background, was an advanced Excel user, and had an educational background in Finance – with excellent grades! He was comfortable with reporting, working with vendors, answering emails…everything the job entailed.

The client brought him on board. But that’s not the best part!

Though this was meant to be a temporary assignment, Devin was hired on as a regular employee after just ONE month!

They liked his efficiency, how he made everyone’s day easier by taking initiative and staying busy.

“I secretly knew they would want to keep him,” Yevon said with a grin.

AND Devin even got a pay bump when he was hired on!

Devin had great things to say about his experience with TERRA, “If I ever found myself looking for work again, I would immediately go back to TERRA and to Yevon. I’ve already recommended TERRA to my girlfriend’s mother!”

Devin’s spreading the word about TERRA and we couldn’t be happier.

But we also couldn’t help spreading the word about Devin and how pleased we are with his success and how he allowed us to play a role in it!

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