TERRA Provided Me With a ‘User-Friendly’ Experience and Helped Me Find the Perfect Job

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on April 23, 2015

Imagine loving the company you work for so much that you find yourself working there 11 years with zero thoughts of leaving. Then circumstances arise that cause you to say goodbye to the job and team you love.

Tanesha was featured on TERRA's Talent Showcase, which shines the spotlight on exceptional talent.
Tanesha was featured on TERRA’s Talent Showcase, which shines the spotlight on exceptional talent.

That’s what happened to Tanesha Mountain.

She found herself relocating from Georgia to Washington due to her husband’s position as a school  principal and went from total job security to complete job uncertainty.

An internet search led her to TERRA’s Tacoma office. She met with Betty Dawson, Tacoma Recruiting Coordinator. (Since then Betty has been promoted to Recruiter in our Tukwila office.) Betty knew Tanesha was an exceptional candidate. Not only was she professional, she was skilled, flexible and had a desire to show a new employer the value she could bring to an organization.

Betty connected Tanesha with Tacoma Staffing Manager, Tabitha Delaire. Tabitha knew immediately where Tanesha would really excel and that would allow her to showcase her ability to deliver high quality service.

The very next day Tanesha had an interview with Tabitha’s client… and in less than two weeks Tanesha had full-time, regular employment!

We love her story and it is success for many reasons, but no one tells her story better than Tanesha herself.

Read on to hear about her experience with TERRA!

First tell us a little about you and your background.

I have an extensive background in customer service, sales, training and leadership – about 15+ years’ experience. I was with my last employer, a telecommunications company, for 11 years before relocating from Georgia to Washington for my husband’s job. It was a call center with about 600 people. I managed a team of over 60 and was personally responsible for 22 team members.

I’m a natural problem-solver and people-person and am always looking for ways to make my front line representatives better and their workloads easier. While I am not a perfectionist, I do aim to do everything on a high level. Everything.

I believe in delivering high quality, gold star work and service to every client and every customer, as well as with my reps, colleagues, and superiors. I would never think to represent myself any other way.

How did you hear about TERRA? 

Quite by accident. I did an Internet search for staffing agencies in my area and the first one I found was TERRA. I went to the website and found it appealing to me, very user-friendly. So I signed up, searched the job openings, and then called to set up a face-to-face interview.

How did your experience with TERRA compare to what you expected or experienced from other staffing firms?

I used a staffing agency many, many years ago. That led to a permanent position but I couldn’t tell you anything about them or my experience with them. It was forgettable. It felt machine-like. I went in. I took a test. I filled out an application. Had an interview with basic questions. They said they’d call me. That was it.

TERRA Staffing has been anything but forgettable.  From the moment I made that phone call and spoke to Betty things were different.  She was so excited to interview me face-to-face. When speaking with her it was like talking to someone who already knew what I was capable of and wanted to know what I was looking for so they could help me find it. Can you imagine?

She then wanted me to meet Tabitha and two other people for positions they had available. Wow! As in today? Well, needless to say I never met the other people because Tabitha had the perfect job for me. And it is perfect, I love it and I never would’ve found it without TERRA!

Is there anyone specifically at TERRA you would like to thank?

Betty Dawson was amazing. She sold me on TERRA from the first phone call I made. She made me really want to know more about what the staffing agency has to offer and made me want to really impress on interview day. Thank you, Betty!

Tabitha Delaire, though we only met on the phone. I appreciate her so much. She believed in me based on a piece of paper and the good words from her colleague. I know she’s been in my corner from the beginning and I feel so fortunate. She has been a rock star recruiter and an all-around cheerleader for me.

I can’t say all of this without giving credit to everyone at TERRA Staffing group because I know there is a greater machine at work and collectively they all work together to make them an awesome company.

What else would you like us to know?

I moved here to Washington not knowing what to expect in the job market. I just knew I wanted to work and to find a work family that would mimic the one I left in Georgia. With much trepidation and anxiety I went to that interview optimistic and nervous, but the ladies there were so welcoming and reassuring. They believed in me and were supportive of my work desires. That is the reason why I am working for the company that I am working for today. The kind of relationships TERRA creates with its employees is organic and can’t be quantified with a grade. Just know that while I am excited to begin my new career, it is bittersweet, as I know I will be saying goodbye to TERRA.

TERRA was the prelude to my new story.

Thank you Tanesha for allowing us to play a part in your success! And for sharing your story.

If you are looking for employment, reach out to the expert recruiting team at TERRA Staffing Group.

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