TERRA Saw My Potential and Helped Me Believe in Myself

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on March 22, 2016

Congratulations, Alex, on your recent successes! We knew you could do it!
Congratulations, Alex, on your recent successes! We knew you could do it!

Until recently, Alex Nieto’s work experience consisted of making delicious sandwiches.

When he found himself looking for something new, a friend of his referred him to TERRA and told him to connect with Laura Numata, Seattle Staffing Specialist.

Alex thought a staffing agency just wanted to fill positions and meet quotas, but he reached out to TERRA anyway.

Laura saw past Alex’s limited work experience. What stood out to her was that he had an attitude that couldn’t be taught. He had a strong desire to work. She saw his potential and told him that he could be an asset to any company.

She soon found Alex employment with a plastic manufacturer.

He was nervous to do a job he had never done before. But Laura was by his side through it all. She followed up weekly to check in on concerns and questions about the new job. She supported him and made him feel useful.

It didn’t take long before Alex felt right at home on the job.

And let’s just say that Alex now knows a whole lot more than just how to make a good sandwich!

After just two months on the job, Alex’s supervisor told him that his work ethic and drive to get things done could take him anywhere he wanted in the company.

After six months, Alex was promoted to Material Handler.

After 10 months, Alex was offered another promotion – to Set-Up Technician.

Alex has learned a great deal about working in a warehouse and about quality assurance. He knows how to operate an injection molding machine, a manual pallet jack, a crane. He knows how to operate a bandsaw, service a bandsaw, and weld bandsaw blades. He can repair simple plastic process equipment…and the list goes on.

To think, less than a year ago Alex knew absolutely nothing about his current industry!

And while it’s been Alex’s own hard work that has led to his success, according to Alex, Laura’s words of encouragement played a big role in pushing him forward.

“I kept thinking, I can’t let Laura down because she believes I can do this. And she was right!” Alex said.

He may have lacked the experience, but Alex always had the tools he needed to succeed. What he needed was the right team in his corner.

And that team was TERRA.

Not all staffing firms are the same, Alex realized. TERRA was different. He wasn’t seen as just a number, or another job filled. TERRA cared and stood by his side, supporting him, believing in him, and rooting for him every step along the way.

If you are looking for help with your job search, contact TERRA Staffing Group today. We’d love to help you create a success story of your own!

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