TERRA Saw My Potential and Helped Me Find the Right Fit!

By Jenifer Lambert

Posted on January 29, 2013

Shelly Conlon is loving her temporary assignment!

There’s no such thing as “just a temp assignment”. While the job may be temporary in duration, the connections you can make with employers, the skills and experience you gain and the sense of pride that comes from making a contribution can be long-lasting.

This recent letter from Shelly Conlon, who was placed in a temporary assignment by Angelina Gibson in our Tukwila office, is a good reminder of that:

My experience with Terra Staffing Group so far has been superb! Angelina recently interviewed and placed me with on a temporary assignment in an HR department. I love this job and this could not have been possible without Angelina and TERRA Staffing Group.

If you are searching for a successful career or even just something temporary, Angelina is who you want work with. She sees potential in people and does her very best to match not only to a position available but also with a company that is right fit for you!

Working on this assignment for the last couple of weeks has been nothing short of amazing! The HR Manager and her team are extremely helpful and the most down-to-earth, caring individuals I have ever met! Working with them has shown me how important and amazing it feels it is to be valued and respected by your co-workers. This is an outstanding company and I would highly recommend them!”


Thank you for allowing us to be part of your Success Story, Shelly!

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