TERRA Took the Time to Get to Know Me and Found Me the Perfect Job

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on April 15, 2016

Congratulations on the new job, Jamie! We are very excited for you!
Congratulations on the new job, Jamie! We are very excited for you!

Jamie Pela lived on the east coast and became an EMT while she was attending college.

When she moved out west, she stayed in the medical field but transitioned into office work and eventually found employment doing data entry.

She stumbled across TERRA one day while searching job listings on Craigslist.

Jamie had only tried one other staffing agency before, but decided to give TERRA a try.

She met with Mark Eckroth, then Seattle Recruiter, currently Seattle Staffing Manager.

Mark asked Jamie several questions about her job preferences in order to ensure he was helping Jamie find the right fit.

Jamie told Mark that she preferred to be in an office setting and that she preferred not be customer-facing the entire day. This sounded a lot like a position Mark was working on for a specific client, and he had a good feeling that Jamie would be a strong fit there.

He arranged a meeting for Jamie and the client and the rest is history! In just two months, Jamie was converted to a full-time, regular employee!

According to Mark, “The client wanted to make sure that Jamie had a permanent home there. They didn’t want to lose out on a good employee.”

Jamie’s new employer had this to say about her, “Jamie works really efficiently and is dedicated to completing the task at hand. She is someone who can put her face down and grind away until the job is done.”

Jamie wanted to extend a special thanks to Mark.

“Mark was a great help through my time there. The one on one interaction that I had with him was by far the best out of the two staffing experiences that I have had.  The openness in asking questions like what type of environment I enjoy being in and personalities I mesh better with, I believe, helped to set  me up with an office that I genuinely enjoy working in.”

We are so thrilled we were able to help you find a job you love, Jamie!

If you are job seeker who would like some help creating a success story of your own, contact us today!

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