TERRA Worked as a Team to Help Me Find a Job That Was Right For Me

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on August 5, 2016

Zecharia Metzler
Zecharia, we are so glad we were able to help you find a job that’s right for you!

Zecharia Metzler moved to Washington from New York in November 2015, leaving his career as a set designer in the film industry behind.

He loved his craft, but Zecharia admitted, “The fast-paced life was wearing me down, though it took me a long time to figure that out.”

Once on the west coast, he knew his next step was to find work. And he knew a staffing firm was the way to go. You see, he’d had success with staffing firms when he lived in New York, always finding work fast and always having a job lined up.

Zecharia visited TERRA’s Tukwila office and met with Recruiter, Stephanie Launius.

Stephanie and Zecharia discussed his experience. She wanted to find him a position that would allow him to use the skills he’d gained while working in film. Unfortunately, Stephanie did not have a role that was right for him at the time, but told him that TERRA would contact him once we did.

And Stephanie didn’t forget about Zecharia. “She was really good. She kept in touch with me,” he shared.

But the great thing about TERRA is that we have multiple offices working together to help people find jobs. So while our Tukwila office didn’t have a position that worked for Zecharia, our Kirkland office did.

He connected with Corryn Reynolds, Kirkland Recruiting Coordinator, and learned that the Kirkland team was looking for landscapers.  As it happens, Zecharia had three years of landscaping experience under his belt from before he started working in film. It was something he deeply enjoyed!

Not to mention that he was really excited about working a normal job with normal hours – a far cry from the film industry.  And he got to work outside!

Corryn sent him out on the job and two weeks into the role, the client knew they wanted to hire him in a full-time capacity.

His new employer loved Zecharia’s work ethic and can-do attitude! Corryn shared, “His experience really shined through, and he was physically able to perform all duties asked of him and then some!”

When Zecharia was asked about his impression of TERRA, he said, “Everyone was professional and really personable. And I love that they use text messaging to communicate with candidates. It’s great and not something all staffing agencies use.”

But that’s not what stood out most. He shared, “TERRA didn’t just kick me out the door when I found work. I still received a couple of phone calls from two different people, asking me how things were going with the new job. TERRA had a personal touch.”

We are so glad we were able to help Zecharia find a job that’s right for him. If you need help finding a job you love, we can help. Get started today by checking out our current openings!

TERRA has offices in Seattle, Portland and Phoenix and our expert recruiters work as a team to help candidates find the right fit.

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