Thanks to TERRA I Could Kick Off My Career and Can Now Support My Growing Family

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on June 15, 2016

Tre Knight
Tre with his beautiful daughter, Taya.

Tre Knight didn’t have much work experience under his belt. He’d worked at a firework stand for two summers and had some experience doing yard work.

When he was ready to kick off his career, family members recommended he reach out to TERRA for help.

Though he had never worked with a staffing firm before, he had heard stories, mostly complaints, from people who had. But he decided to give TERRA a try anyway.

Everett Recruiter, Katie Jones, helped him find temporary, general labor jobs at first, to help build his skill set.

When one of her clients called needing a large group of people to do entry-level warehouse inventory control, she immediately thought Tre would be a good fit.

Though it was a temporary assignment, Tre treated it as on opportunity to show what he could do. He made sure to work hard and to the best of his ability.

And his hard work and perseverance paid off. Ten months into the assignment, Tre was offered full-time, regular employment!

It’s been three years since Tre started there as a temporary employee, and so much has changed.

He started a family and is now the father of a beautiful baby girl.

Not only that, he was recently promoted to a lead role in the inventory control department. He is now in charge of his own team! This position allows him to better support his family and be a father that can provide for his daughter’s needs.

Tre’s supervisor had nothing but nice things to say about him. “He is a hard worker. He catches on quickly and has proven himself to be a great employee. He earned that lead role.”

Tre said, “I would like to thank Katie Jones for giving me this opportunity and for being involved the entire time I was there as a temp, and even after I was hired on. My experience with TERRA was not all like the stories I’d heard about other agencies. You are actually passionate about what you do and care about your employees.”

He added, “Soon I will have my first temp coming to work for me, and that employee is coming through TERRA!”

We are so happy for Tre and so proud of his success!

If you are a job seeker, contact us. We’d love to help you create a success story of your own.

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