Thanks to TERRA, I Have the Perfect Job – and a New Home!

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on January 21, 2016

CA meets OR. Raul (L) with NE PDX Recruiter, Melissa (R).
CA meets OR. Raul (L) with NE PDX Recruiter, Melissa (R).

Opportunity doesn’t always look how we imagined it to look. That’s why some people miss out when opportunity knocks on their door.

But not Raul.

Today’s story is about Raul Gomez, someone who believes that a can-do attitude and working hard is enough to set you up for success.

His philosophy is a simple one: “If you try, you can never really say you failed.”

And it’s this way of thinking that earned him the respect of colleagues and management alike, as well as earned him promotions, in the California manufacturing industry.

California? TERRA doesn’t have any offices in California. What’s the link between TERRA and Raul? 

Good question. The answer is simple: opportunity. Specifically, a job opportunity in Oregon.

You see, while doing an online job search, Raul applied for a job through TERRA, not realizing it was in Oregon.

This prompted an email and phone call from NE Portland Recruiter, Melissa Braaten, who also didn’t realize that she was connecting with someone outside of the state.

Despite the distance, they discussed the position – a swing shift, bilingual production supervisor role for someone with produce experience.

Super specific, right? But it described Raul’s experience PERFECTLY!

Melissa contacted her client and set up a phone interview for Raul. The client loved talking to him so much that they flew him out to Oregon for an in-person interview – and hired him!

Sometimes opportunity comes from where you least expect it.

Raul can attest to that.

Though not what he was likely expecting when he applied for a job, he took advantage of the opportunity presented to him and, following his philosophy in life, went for it.

Now, he’s living in a new state with his family and has a position with a company that’s a great fit for him.

If you ever find yourself presented with an opportunity that doesn’t quite look like what you were expecting, don’t dismiss it. It may be more than what you’d hoped for.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Raul shared some of his thoughts on his experience:

“My experience with TERRA was very exhilarating. I was truly amazed at how quickly and efficiently they transitioned me into a new job in Portland, Oregon. I felt at ease with the whole process. I was kept informed from start to finish. My family and I were astonished by how quickly the process was. I am also very thankful for all the kindness I received along the way by both TERRA Staffing and my new employer. I’d also like to thank Melissa Braaten. She displayed her professionalism and strong work ethic to get me to the next level, keeping me in the loop and speaking on my behalf regarding my skills and experience. On behalf of myself and my family, I would like to extend a thank you all at TERRA for your hard work and dedication.”

Raul, we are so excited for you and are thrilled to have played a part in your story.

If you or someone you know are looking for help in your job search, give us a call. We’d love to help you give opportunity a nudge!


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