Thanks to TERRA I Was Able to Supplement My Income While I Pursued My Passion Project

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on June 24, 2016

We are so happy that we were able to help Zak stay busy while he focuses on launching his startup!
We are so happy that we were able to help Zak stay busy while he focuses on launching his startup!

Zak Schramm moved to Seattle from the Bay Area in 2015. He spent some time driving for a livery service because he needed steady work with flexible hours.

You see, Zak and a friend are involved with a startup company based in Silicon Valley. So Zak works to sustain himself and his business but needs flexibility in his schedule because the startup currently needs his attention.

Due to his unique work situation, Zak felt it best to search for temporary positions.

He worked with five or six staffing firms before he came across TERRA.

“It was TERRA’s slick digital interface that caught my attention,” Zak shared. TERRA’s website was the most modern that Zak had seen. Everything was clear and well-organized.

But despite the fresh look of TERRA’s page, Zak had zero expectations.

He visited TERRA’s Seattle office and was quickly placed in a temporary position doing word processing for an engineering firm.

The project was meant to be a few weeks long, but the client loved Zak so much that they extended the project a few weeks more just to have Zak around longer.

After his assignment ended, Seattle Staffing Manager, Mark Eckroth, also had a temporary data entry position available. His client was drowning in paperwork and the Seattle team knew that Zak would be perfect for the job.

And he was.

Zak dove right in to the project and completed a would-be one week assignment in just three days!

But the story gets better.

“The position he was recruited for was meant to be only a week long, but the client liked him so much that they wanted to extend his temp assignment into a full time role!” Mark said.

That’s right! Even though Zak was only interested in temporary work, the client offered him full-time, regular employment because they didn’t want to lose him!

In a short time, Zak was able to shape his data entry role into a more integral part of the workplace. The owner of the company drops by often to tell Zak how much they appreciate him and all he’s done.

And though he is only going to be there through the summer due to his primary commitment to his startup, Zak really enjoys the company he is working for and the people he works with too.

TERRA, Zak realized, is different from the other staffing firms he had worked with previously. TERRA’s staff is attentive and supportive, following up with him each week to ask him how things are going. Not only that, TERRA was able to find him a role that fits his skills and allows him the opportunity to stay as busy as he wants – and still have the freedom to pursue his startup.

Looking for a job with flexibility so that you can pursue a passion project of your own? We can help. We have offices in Seattle, Portland and Phoenix and our expert recruiters are waiting to hear from you.

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