I Thought I Was Too Narrowly Qualified – TERRA Proved Me Wrong

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on June 11, 2014

Tracy was featured in TERRA's Talent Showcase which shines the spotlight on exceptional talent.
Tracy was featured in TERRA’s Talent Showcase which shines the spotlight on exceptional talent.

A common problem some job seekers have when looking for a job is not having enough experience. But did you know that having too much experience can also be a problem?  Hiring personnel are sometimes hesitant to bring on individuals who are overqualified or have a highly specialized background.  So it’s no surprise that these experienced job seekers have the misconception that a staffing agency can’t help them with their job search. Yes, misconception.

We’d like to share the story of Tracy Cuajao.

Tracy has a Bachelor’s in Public Administration, a Master’s in Organizational Development and Change and several years’ management, strategic planning and consulting experience. With all of these skills under his professional tool belt, you could say that Tracy was qualified for almost any business-related role.

But was he overqualified, or too specialized?

When he found himself in need of employment, Tracy was not entirely certain that a staffing company would be able to find a position that was an appropriate match for him. “My skill set is narrow in scope,” Tracy admitted. “I was expecting at least a six-month wait before any staffing agency would be able to find an organization that not only needed my specific skills, but that also met my need to work for an establishment that ‘gives back’ to the community.”

He interviewed with Everett Recruiting Coordinator, Kirsten Poe. She knew the perfect position for Tracy almost immediately upon meeting him – a direct-hire opportunity, working as a manager for an organization that annually supports over 200,000 people through various programs. “Tracy and I were convinced that he was the right candidate for the job,” Kirsten joked in all seriousness. “His previous experience translated well to the position. And he was so excited, so passionate, and just so ready to dive in that I knew I had to at least introduce Tracy to the executive director in charge of hiring.”

The executive director’s initial response was “not interested,” thinking Tracy overqualified for the position, but Kirsten insisted and persevered.

Although the entire process took almost two months, we are ecstatic to report that the hiring manager realized that Tracy would be an asset to his company and hired him! Tracy is now part of an organization he believes in and doing work he is passionate about. He couldn’t be happier.

“TERRA was able to find me a position with an organization perfect for me almost immediately. They really stand head and shoulders above all the other agencies I contacted for job assistance.” He added, “Kirsten Poe is a superstar! She was tenacious and gave me the personal attention necessary to find an opportunity that was right for me. I highly recommend TERRA to anyone looking for work in the Pacific Northwest!”

Thank you Tracy for letting us be a part of your success story. We are thrilled you are doing what you love!

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