What Are the Fastest-Growing Jobs?

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on August 19, 2014

The job growth numbers have been climbing steadily throughout 2014 as the economy comes roaring back. Nevertheless, jobs are growing faster in some industries than in others. While the average rate of job growth nationwide is 10.8 percent for all industries, some industries are exceeding this rate – and a handful are growing at almost double the pace.

The team at TERRA Staffing has been keeping an eye on job growth in the sectors we serve, so we can connect the right talent to the right job every time. Here are some of the fastest-growing industries and the jobs available in each:

  1. Healthcare Administration and Management. As the population increases and more people gain access to affordable health insurance, healthcare continues to boom. While most people think of jobs in healthcare as those that involve front-line patient treatment, healthcare offices, hospitals, suppliers, and service providers also need qualified individuals to handle administrative tasks, data entry, customer service, project management and more. These “behind-the-scenes” staff play a crucial role in ensuring services are provided in a prompt, efficient, and organized manner.
  2. Project Management and Event Planning. Jobs in the business sector continue to grow, but no position has been expanding faster in recent months than those of project management and event planning. Coordinating corporate functions and ensuring projects come in on time, on target, and under budget has become a major part of big business; U.S. News and World Report estimates that this job will expand at a rate of 33.2 percent in the next eight years.
  3. Information Security Analyst. Information security has been headline news in recent months, spurring the explosion of jobs in this field. Information security analysts monitor and maintain software, hardware, and networks to protect information and prevent breaches. They also test, analyze, and recommend the best cybersecurity practices for their employers. A growth of 36.5 percent is expected in this field in the next ten years, much of it in healthcare.

Finding Top Talent in Growing Fields

When a job field is growing quickly, finding top talent can be tough. Candidates have more job opportunities than ever, making it more likely they’ll say “yes” to a competitor’s job offer before they have yours in hand.

To “beat the rush” to top talent in fast-growing jobs, check out TERRA Staffing’s Talent Showcase. Each week, our recruiters are required to recommend at least one candidate for the Pacific Northwest’s premier Talent Showcase. Because we strive to “showcase” only the best talent we have, our recruiters have honed their ability to find and offer top candidates in a wide range of fields – including the rapidly expanding positions that are increasingly tough to fill.

At TERRA Staffing, our recruiters work hard to match the perfect job to each candidate. To learn more about our recruiting services in Portland and how we can find you qualified talent, contact us today!


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