Four Traits of Top Companies

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on July 19, 2013

Every company handles challenges a bit differently.  The top companies, however, tend to share common traits any organization can use to improve its own position in its field, reach its goals, and make effective plans for the future.

While the strongest players in any business are continually seeking to improve, they are also continually displaying traits like:

Trust – Top companies demonstrate trust in their own plans, in their managers and employees, and in their futures – including in their own abilities to face the future with confidence and competence.  By demonstrating trust, top companies create buy-in at all levels of the organization, boosting motivation and productivity from employees who understand their contributions have value.

Workplace Culture – Workplace cultures are as diverse as the names on the company doors – but what sets top companies apart from the rest is their ability to build a culture that works best for their organization.  Top companies identify the key elements of their own internal cultures, examine the effect their cultures have on the organization’s success, and capitalize on the best parts while striving to improve the weak ones.

Differentiation – In many industries, multiple companies compete to offer essentially the same products and services to the same customer base.  Top companies, however, focus on what differentiates them from their competitors – not what makes them the same.  They find the key elements of their business plan that set them apart, and they build on these differences for long-term success.

Effective Hiring Strategies – People are the core of any organization, and top companies know this – which is why they go the extra mile not only to keep great people, but to build a hiring system that draws in top talent.  Many top companies rely on their staffing partners to help them identify hiring needs, find star candidates, and choose new employees who will help the organization thrive.

At TERRA Staffing, our dedicated recruiters bring years of experience and an extensive network of relationships to the table when it comes to helping companies find and keep great employees.  To learn how we can help you find the talent you need, contact us today!

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