When It Mattered Most, TERRA Gave Me a Chance to Show My Value

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on April 3, 2020

IImage of TERRA Success Story, Ian Espinoan Espino moved from Guam to the United States with his mother and brother, looking for a fresh start. However, their first month living in Washington State was hard for them financially.

Ian wanted to do his part.

“I wanted to contribute and help out with the bills,” he shared.

Unfortunately, Ian didn’t have previous work experience and was having a hard time finding work. Then he received some advice from his mother.

“She told me to give TERRA Staffing Group a try. I didn’t know anything about staffing firms, but decided to take a chance.”

He contacted TERRA’s Tukwila branch, not really sure what to expect – or even what he was looking for career-wise.

According to Ian, “I didn’t really have a plan. I just wanted to work. I was open to anything I could find really.”

He sat down and spoke with Recruiter Amanda Stifter. He shared that he didn’t have previous experience, but stressed that he was flexible and willing to prove himself.

Amanda recalled their first meeting. “Ian was friendly and open to our coaching on what it would take for a successful partnership. He was genuine. You could tell that he was going to do what was necessary to be successful.”

Amanda and the Tukwila team placed Ian on various assignments. He learned fast and applied that learning to each new position. And, as promised, he proved himself to be an extremely dependable and hardworking employee.

“We were very impressed, given that he had no previous work history,” Amanda admitted.

One of Amanda’s clients was also really impressed with Ian. They kept requesting him back. And because of his great attendance, good communication and openness when it came to receiving on-the-job coaching, the client decided to offer Ian full-time regular employment!

She said, “He caught on quickly, which wowed them. He was always eager to learn more, take on more and lend a helping hand whenever needed, no questions asked.”

Ian is content. “The job is simple, but it’s rewarding. Having this job makes me feel more secure. I can help pay the bills and I don’t have to worry about my assignment ending.”

He also praised Amanda for her support. “She was a great partner. She helped me whenever there was an issue and answered any questions I had.”

Want to make yourself a valuable member of the team, like Ian did? Take his advice:

“Stay open-minded. Be flexible and keep trying. No matter what, continue working hard. It will show them that you are always doing your best.”

This attitude and mindset definitely helped Ian set himself up for success.

Congratulations, Ian! We’re so happy we were able to help you find gainful employment, and we wish you all the best!

How TERRA Can Help You

Are you looking for gainful employment? Consider partnering with TERRA.

Because we work with various companies across multiple industries, we can connect you to several employers currently hiring in your area.

We have offices in the  Seattle-Puget SoundPortland-MetroPhoenix-Metro, and Denver-Metro areas. Contact us today.

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