TERRA Found Me a Great Job with an Ideal Commute

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on July 14, 2022

Photo of Karmen SaechaoThe length of a commute can make all the difference between wanting to stay at your job and wanting to leave.

Karmen Saechao was ready to quit his job for this reason.

He was working at a window manufacturer and the long drive was weighing on him. Combined with the price of gas, this job understandably wasn’t feasible anymore. 

So he started looking for new opportunities with a shorter commute. That’s when he came across a position that TERRA’s Tukwila Branch was recruiting for.

Karmen reached out about it and connected with Tukwila Recruiter Mickee Babor. During their conversation, he emphasized the importance of location and how it was the biggest deciding factor in his job search. 

Luckily, Mickee had the perfect role for him, a cable cutting position at a local manufacturer.

Though the job was very similar to his last one, there was one big difference—the fifteen minute commute! 

It was exactly what Karmen was looking for.

The best part was that the client thought that he was a perfect match for the job. When he was offered the role, he happily accepted! 

Now, Karmen has a job that he really enjoys and the long commute is a thing of the past. 

He’s also proven to be a fantastic employee. In just one month, Karmen was made a permanent member of the team!

Congratulations, Karmen! We’re so glad we were able to find you a job—and commute—that’s right for you!  

Team Up With TERRA

Looking for a job with just the right schedule and commute? Reach out to TERRA!

We work with many leading companies across a variety of industries and can connect you to great jobs and help you start a successful career that you’ll love! 

In the Seattle-Puget Sound, Portland, Phoenix, Denver and Texas-Metro areas? Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn what employment opportunities might be available to you.

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