I Moved to Washington and TERRA Found Me a Great Job in No Time

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on June 16, 2021

Jason del Biondo, TERRA Success StoryJason del Biondo found himself unexpectedly having to move from Florida to Washington. Without a job lined up, he needed to find employment — and fast.

Jason had eight years of retail experience in Florida and had worked in various areas of that industry. Since he needed a job right away, he was open to other opportunities, but he was hoping to find a position on the night shift. 

He started searching for a job online and came across TERRA’s Vancouver Branch

He explained, “In my first week looking for work, I found TERRA through an online search. I didn’t know that it was a staffing agency, but I knew that they were hiring. And I needed a job.” 

Right away, he connected with Shandra Cha, Vancouver Staffing Specialist, and they discussed what he was looking for in his next opportunity. 

Shandra shared, “Jason was super friendly. His honesty and willingness to work stood out from the get go. He was flexible, and eager to find the right fit. He also had very good longevity in his work history.” 

She understood Jason’s need to find work quickly. And, as luck would have it, she had an Order Picker warehouse position she thought might be a good fit. 

Still, Jason was nervous. He confided, “I’d never worked with a staffing agency or in a warehouse. And I’d only had two previous employers before. So I didn’t know what to expect.” 

Despite that, he decided to trust Shandra. 

And it’s good that he did. Because less than a day later, he had the job! He’s now been in this role for almost six months. 

We’re happy to share, he really enjoys it. 

“There are a lot of similar things between retail and warehouse so far. I do more manual work than I used to, but I enjoy it. I’ve worked for years at a register, counting money so it’s nice to actually be doing something. The work isn’t too hard either. I had time to learn the job and learn it well. 

And I love getting to a point where I know what I’m doing and I know I can do the job competently. It makes me feel confident.” 

Jason is clearly doing a great job, because his employers are delighted with him. 

Shandra exclaimed, “Jason’s employer LOVES him! They always praise his work and there’s never a single complaint. They love that he’s a hard worker and is flexible! Jason has moved from different departments and most employees stick to one.” 

Even better, Jason recently received an award and recognition from his employer for doing such a phenomenal job! 

If you are looking for work yourself, Jason has some advice that might help: 

“Learn what a temp agency is. Instead of having to apply to 15 different jobs without support, it’s good to have a place that centralizes the search and helps you find a good fit.” 

Congratulations, Jason! With your willingness to learn and hardworking attitude, there’s no doubt you’ll keep thriving in your career! 

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