With TERRA’s Help – and a Leap of Faith – I Found the Perfect Job

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on March 11, 2016

A happy Amanda and her family! (L-R: Amanda's husband, Amanda and recruiter, Christa)
A happy Amanda and her family! (L-R: Amanda’s husband, Amanda and recruiter, Christa)

In December of 2015, Amanda Parent moved across the country from Washington to Missouri with her husband and their 12-month-old daughter. Two months later, their son was born.

Shortly after moving, she and her husband were on the fence about whether to move back.

It was then that she had a lucky accident. Amanda came across an ad for an HR Generalist role. It seemed like the perfect job for her, and it was back in Washington!

She applied. Not realizing it was through TERRA, a staffing agency.

Christa Campos, Tacoma Recruiter, reached out to Amanda to discuss the position. From their first conversation, Christa knew that Amanda would be a valuable asset to any team. And though she was a little overqualified for the HR position, Christa believed it was the right job for Amanda.

Amanda thought so, too. That phone call was enough to convince Amanda and her husband to return to Washington.

So they traveled across the country once more – this time with two children in tow!

Amanda went to her interview excited about what this meant for her and her family. Upon leaving her interview, Amanda knew she had made the right decision in choosing to move.

To her, the position seemed like a match made in heaven, and she hoped to join this new team.

And the client felt that same way. Amanda not only exceeded their professional expectations, she was well-liked by all three of her interviewers. It was the perfect fit.

Needless to say, Amanda was offered the position, and she gladly accepted.

And all of this happened just two weeks after Christa’s initial phone call!

Amanda’s new employer loved everything she brought to the table, especially her willingness to jump in anywhere she was needed.

And we’re happy to report that since starting work with her employer in December of 2015, Amanda has already been promoted from an HR Generalist to the HR Manager!

In fact, it’s Amanda’s background in HR that gives her a unique perspective.

When asked about her time with TERRA, she had this to say, “My experience with TERRA was great! As an HR professional, I had worked with recruiting agencies in the past, both as a recruiter and as an applicant, and TERRA provided an outstanding experience from interview to hire.”

Amanda also had high praise for her recruiter, Christa. “She was amazing through the hiring process. Since we were moving from out of state it was great to have someone who was friendly, knowledgeable, and available to answer questions and take care of my concerns. She was amazing about touching base with me and was fun to work with.”

We are so happy for Amanda and we suspect that won’t be the last bit of success in Amanda’s story.

If you are job seeker looking for a success story of your own, contact us today to see how we can help!

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