Write a Job Description That Will Attract the RIGHT Candidates

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on September 23, 2016

job-search-imageWhen you’re looking for candidates, your first instinct may be to create a job posting. But if the job description doesn’t accurately and clearly describe the job requirements, the company culture and the “big picture,” the candidates you get may not be the candidates you want – or the candidates who are best for the role.

Here’s how to work with your staffing partner to create a job description that will attract the candidates you really want:

  1. Start with the title. Selling an opportunity to top candidates starts with capturing their attention. Even the best-written, most engaging job posting won’t get the responses you want if it sports a bland, repetitive title. A catchy title, however, will draw the attention of candidates who might otherwise skip yet another posting. Talk to your staffing partner about titles which both reflect your company’s culture and get the right attention.
  2. Make sure the description reflects the job duties. One of the top reasons candidates leave new jobs in the first year is because the job’s actual day-to-day demands didn’t match their expectations – which began with the job posting itself. Talk to your staff and supervisors to find out exactly what a “day on the job” demands, and use this information to create a job description. To maintain (and pique!) the interest of readers, work with your staffing partner to use language and layout in compelling ways.
  3. Don’t forget your core values. A good candidate for the job comes with a solid set of competencies and experiences. The best candidate for the job has these capabilities and shares your company’s core values in a way that allows them to mesh well with your internal culture. To find the candidates who will immediately become part of the team, clarify your company’s core values in the job posting. Your staffing partner can help you find ways to make your mission and values compelling to the best talent out there.

A job description that is crafted with care will position your company for the best hiring success. After you have identified your hiring needs, work with your recruiting partner so they can help you find the perfect person for your needs.

At TERRA Staffing Group, our experienced staffing partners can help you craft a job description that will attract the types of candidates you want to add to your team. To learn more, find one our branches today to learn more about recruiting services in Portland, Phoenix and Seattle.

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