What the Latest Seattle Hiring Trends Mean for Your Company in 2019

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on January 4, 2019

Seattle is a top-ranked market for tech talent, an industry that changes constantly. 2019 is likely to bring big changes to the region.

Companies that are aware of what’s on the horizon can better prepare themselves for success.

Want to know what you can expect in 2019? We can give you a peek at what’s to come – and how you can address them proactively.

4 Hiring Trends on the Horizon for Seattle

  1. Seattle will remain a top destination for tech talent.

    Along with the San Francisco Bay Area and Washington, DC, Seattle is expected to remain one of the nation’s top places for tech talent throughout 2019. This means many new candidates will likely move to the Seattle area in search of their dream job with one of the city’s top tech companies.

  2. Salaries will remain high in Seattle.

    Due to Seattle’s reputation as a tech hot-spot, competitive salaries for software engineers and similar positions are likely to remain high compared to the national average. Seattle companies will be competing with up-and-coming areas, like Vancouver, Los Angeles, and Cleveland for talent. Seattle companies will need to offer higher salary numbers in order to stay competitive.

  3. Cost of operations – and of living – will continue to challenge Seattle businesses.

    The cost of office space and other operational necessities will likely stay high in Seattle, which is already one of the most expensive cities in the U.S. in which to do business. While the Bay Area, New York, and Washington, DC sport similarly high costs, many emerging tech markets offer much lower operational costs. They also offer lower costs of living for tech talent, making them more attractive to many in the industry.

  4. Hiring growth may continue to level off.

    In late 2018, Seattle’s hiring growth began slowing down. Several other cities, including Nashville, Charlotte, NC and Las Vegas all posted bigger growth numbers in the last quarter of 2018 than Seattle did. But this leveling-off trend may expand to other cities in 2019 as it continues in Seattle, according to analysts. This “moment to breathe” will give Seattle companies the opportunity to reevaluate their hiring and retention practices for maximum efficacy.

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