4 Staffing Trends for Business Growth

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on May 15, 2015

As 2015 progresses, companies are taking a second look at the annual plan. Will you need new staff members in the months ahead? Has a key member of your team recently announced their retirement or requested extended leave? What is the rest of your industry up to – and how will it affect your hiring in the coming quarter?

Recruiting is an ever-changing field, but you don’t have to let changes in staffing trends hinder your business’s growth. Here are four staffing trends to leverage for greater productivity in the months ahead.

Power is shifting to the candidate.

The revival of the economy means that, once again, top candidates are gaining power in the negotiation for jobs. This means that companies seeking star talent must improve their hiring speeds, offer a clear employee value proposition, and “sell” candidates on a great fit between their goals and the company’s culture. Staffing partners specialize in helping our clients identify their organization’s top “selling points” and finding candidates who fit the bill.

If you’re not mobile, you’re missing out (on candidates).

Mobile platforms have already taken over most job posting and application systems. The most forward-thinking companies and staffing firms, however, have realized that mobile recruiting isn’t just a 21st century version of the “want ads.” Mobile-friendly materials including apps, video, forms, and other tools, as well as a presence on sites like LinkedIn (already adapted for mobile use) help employers reach more qualified candidates in less time.

Know your industry to present the most compelling offers.

With the focus on what top talent wants, knowing what your competitors are offering their star candidates is essential. Compensation and benefits must be competitive in your industry, and a range of nontraditional benefits options can help you attract outstanding candidates who love their work and will appreciate the ability to do it more efficiently. Talk to your staffing partner for the “inside scoop” on how your industry is hiring – and how to stand out to your best candidates.

A multipronged approach can help reduce turnover rates.

Turnover rates increased nationwide last year, and they’re expected to do so in 2015 as well. High turnover costs the company time, money, and effort – but with your staffing firm, you can take a proactive, multifaceted approach to reducing turnover. A strategic staffing plan can help you identify when you’ll need new temporary or direct-hire staff, and a strong employee value proposition will help you target candidates who will be happy to stay for the long haul.

At TERRA Staffing, our experienced recruiters focus on leading staffing trends in the Seattle, Portland, and Phoenix areas. We strive to match our clients with the best talent available – every time. Contact us today to learn more.

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