5 Things Your Recruiter Needs to Know (to Recruit More Effectively for You!)

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on April 16, 2015

You and your staffing partner have something in common: you both want your recruiting efforts to be a success. With regular, open communication and a clear understanding of your goals, your recruiter can find better candidates; screen them more closely for your requirements, and plan ahead to ensure you always have access to the talent you need.

Here are five things your recruiter wants to know in order to recruit better candidates for you:

  1. What are your company’s mission, goals, and values? Top candidates often share similar experience and skill sets. What makes a top candidate shine with a particular company is the candidate’s ability to “fit” well with the company’s mission, goals, values, and ways of carrying out day-to-day work. Let your recruiter know what your company culture is like, and update them about key events, like a major project completion or a mission statement change.
  2. What does the job really require? Copies of job descriptions can be a good start. For the most effective help from your recruiter, however, it helps to offer an “inside view” of the day to day requirements of the job itself. If you’re posting written job descriptions but having trouble finding people with the right skill sets to do the job effectively, talk to your recruiter about what it takes to get the job done – and why past candidates haven’t measured up.
  3. If a job opening is due to a staff member leaving, why did they leave? Staffing partners realize that the reasons a staff member might leave a job are complex. But the more your recruiter knows about why some candidates don’t work out, the better they can find those who will.
  4. What are your company’s seasonal needs? Your long-term goals? Long-term planning is one of the skills that recruiters take pride in exercising for their clients. When your recruiter knows what you are likely to need, they can get a “head start” on finding the people to fill those positions. Talk to your recruiter regularly about long-term strategic planning when it comes to staffing.
  5. What did you think of the candidates we recommended last? Don’t hesitate to send your recruiter feedback on the candidates they recommend – both good and bad. The more your staffing firm knows about the fit between our candidates and your needs, the more they can improve.

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