5 Tips for Managing Temporary Employees

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on March 24, 2017

Temporary staff can be ideal for tackling a specialized project or addressing a seasonal rush. But if you’re not managing your temporary employees effectively, you’re not reaping the full benefit of the staffing relationship.

Here is a quick-start guide to managing temporary employees:

Know what you expect from your temporary staff.

What do you need temporary staff members to do? When should they arrive and leave each day? What should they wear? Where should they work? To whom should they report? What does “success” look like?

When your expectations are clear, it’s easier to communicate to new staff members what you expect – and easier for them to deliver it.

Prepare your existing staff.

Before temporary staff arrive, talk to your existing staff. Clarify what the role of temporary staff members is to be, and what you want your core team to do while the temp staff are present. Make sure your core staff members know who to talk to if they encounter any problems or have questions. This will help them stay on task during transition times, keeping productivity strong.

Be willing to mentor temporary staff.

Good management requires leadership, even if the staff will only be on-site for a limited period of time. Provide a big-picture view of the tasks and goals to temporary staff, give constructive feedback and listen to their concerns. You may discover that temp staff spot problems or create innovative solutions your core staff missed – or that a temporary team member would make a great long-term addition to your core staff.

Don’t skimp on onboarding.

Onboarding and training are as essential for temporary staff as they are for the members of your core team. In addition to showing them where they will work and what they will do, acquaint them with office processes and policies. And don’t forget to introduce them to the company’s staff and culture – the more comfortable they feel working in the environment, the better able they will be to focus on their work.

Coordinate with your staffing firm.

Your staffing firm handles many of the details regarding temporary employees, such as serving as the employer of record and managing paperwork. If a temporary staff member is exceeding expectations (or failing to meet them), contact your staffing firm promptly. The more your staffing partner knows about your needs, the better they can meet them.

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