My New Job Allows Me to Be There for My Family – Thanks TERRA

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on October 12, 2021

Mike Vigil, TERRA Success Story, who was placed in a job with the right schedulePeople have various reasons for choosing to work specific schedules. For some, it’s a matter of want. For others, however, it’s a necessity. So when an employer makes a sudden announcement saying that they are changing their schedule, it can be a big problem. 

That’s exactly what happened to Mike Vigil. Mike had been working as a Maintenance Mechanic on the day shift for over a year. One day, his employer informed him that they were making drastic adjustments to his schedule.

“They wanted me to work the day shift one month and then the night shift the next month. That just didn’t work for me.”

He explained, “My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was going through a really hard thing. I wanted to be with her and take her to her treatments. Because of that, my new hours wouldn’t work. Getting out by 2:00pm every day was important to me.”

Determined to find work that would allow him to be present for his wife, Mike started looking online for a new job. The search led him to TERRA’s Broomfield branch

He was hesitant to work with a staffing agency, unsure of what to expect. But his love for his wife was stronger than his fear of the unknown. So he decided to give TERRA a try.

He connected with Christa Yeoman, Senior Recruiter, and she was moved by Mike’s situation. She understood his need for a schedule that would allow him to spend time with his wife. 

Christa was also impressed by his attitude and expertise.

She remembered, “Mike was very genuine, sincere and professional. He also had great skills and experience. I could tell he was serious about finding a long-term position. We didn’t have a job matching his skill set at that time, but I was confident we could find one.”

Just a few days later, Christa reached out to Mike to tell him about a Maintenance Technician role she thought would be perfect for him.

Not only was the position a perfect match for his skills, it also had just the right schedule. 

“I couldn’t believe Christa had found me a possible job, with a schedule I needed, so fast! I was ecstatic and grateful. It’s not easy for my wife and I wanted to be there for her. I really didn’t want to start working these crazy hours at my job.”

Excited, and hopeful, Mike went in for an interview — and was immediately offered the job!

The hiring manager told Christa, “I am fully confident that Mike has the skill set required to be successful with this position. We are so excited to have him join the team!”

Mike couldn’t be happier and is loving his new role. 

“I work for a great company and I enjoy what I do. My boss is a good guy and a wonderful person to work for! He’s outgoing, easygoing and really laid back. We also get along very well!” 

But, more importantly, his new schedule allows him to spend time with his wife. 

“I now start at 4:30AM and get out at 2:00PM every day. My wife gets out of her teaching job at 12:45pm. Now, I can be there for her and help her while she’s going through all this. It’s really important to me.”

If you find yourself in need of a job with a better schedule, Mike says:

“I would definitely get in touch with TERRA. I’d been reluctant to work with a staffing agency as I’d never gone through one before. But I’m so glad I gave it a chance! They found me a job in less than two weeks.” 

Thank you for putting your trust in TERRA, Mike! We’re rooting for you — and your wife. 

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