Oops! How to Correct the Most Common Interviewer Mistakes

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on November 16, 2015

The candidates you interview come in with some nerves about the risk of making a mistake. But they aren’t the only ones who might goof during an interview. Interviewers can slip up just as easily as a candidate can, and the worst mistakes can lead to missing or losing an outstanding candidate.

Here are a few of the most common mistakes interviewers make and how to overcome each of them:

Not being prepared.

It’s a tough moment: You sit down across from an interviewee only to realize that you know nothing about the candidate. At this moment, many interviewers freeze, fumble, or start asking generic questions that don’t get to the heart of the candidate’s abilities or what they can do for your company.

Luckily, this mistake can be easily prevented by reviewing the candidate’s resume and your notes just before you step into the interview room. Also, preparing a list of questions to ask each candidate can help you “get the ball rolling” while you take a quick peek at the candidate’s resume.

Getting distracted.

Interviews involve exchanging a great deal of information in a very short time – and they are often scheduled in place of other pressing matters. It’s not unusual for an interviewer’s mind to wander at least once, losing potentially crucial information the candidate supplies. Remind yourself that while you are in the interview room, the most important thing is to listen to the candidate. When you listen carefully, you learn what you need to know more quickly, reducing the need for a second interview and saving time.

Not thinking of the interview as a two-way street.

You’re not only there to interview the candidate – you’re also there to be interviewed. Being candid about the company’s culture and expectations, in a professional tone, helps candidates determine whether you are the right fit for them as well. By putting your best foot forward, you keep top candidates interested and help ensure that both you and the candidate can approach a potential offer with the confidence that the fit is a good one.

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