How to Leverage Questions for a Better Interview

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on May 23, 2024

Two people sitting across from each other during a job interview.

A job interview isn’t just for employers to assess if you’re the right fit—it’s also your chance to see if the role and company suit you 

It’s a two-way street—you both need to decide if there’s a future together.  

The best approach? Come prepared with insightful questions that deepen your understanding of the job.  

Greg Lambert, TERRA CEO, emphasizes the importance of this, and how it can really help you stand out in a sea of candidates. He says, “Coming prepared with two or three questions to ask at the end of the interview can really make a big impact. It shows that you’re taking the job seriously—and many times can even help you ‘pre-close’ the job.” 

So, when your interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions for me?” take that as your cue to dive deeper. 

Crafting Impactful Questions

Before we get into questions you might ask during your interview, it’s important to point out how crucial active listening is in crafting effective questions. 

Pay close attention to the details shared by the interviewer and use them to form questions that show you’re engaged in the conversation.  

For example, if the interviewer highlights an upcoming project or a recent challenge the team has faced, you might ask, “Could you share more about how the team approaches such challenges? What qualities are you looking for in a new hire to help navigate these situations?”  

Remember, active listening isn’t just about hearing words; it’s about connecting and responding in a way that shows genuine interest and insight—ultimately leading to a better interview. 

Questions to Ask

Impress a potential employer and demonstrate your interest in a role by asking thoughtful questions.  

Here are some key areas you might want to explore: 

  • Company Culture. Part of finding the right fit is knowing what the work environment is like. Ask about team structures, how challenges are handled, and the overall team dynamics. For example, “Can you describe a recent team event or project that exemplifies your company culture?” Understanding this can help you decide if the company culture is a match for you. 
  • Role and Impact. During the interview, ask questions that help you understand the day-to-day specifics of the role. Inquire about tools or software you noticed in the job description to show you were paying attention. Also, consider asking, “How does this role advance key initiatives within the company?” Not only does this connect you with purpose, but it also shows the hiring manager that you’re committed to being a productive team member and contributing to the business’ success. 
  • Pathways to Success. Clarifying expectations upfront ensures both you and your employer are on the same page from the beginning. Ask about what success looks like in the role, how progress and performance are measured, what opportunities exist for professional growth and development, and how often you can expect feedback from your manager. This will give you insight into the business operations and company culture, helping you determine if it aligns with your career goals. 

Questions to Avoid

While it’s important to ask insightful questions, be mindful of topics that might send the wrong message.  

Here are a few areas to steer clear of: 

  • Salary and Benefits. Avoid focusing on salary, vacations, or benefits right away, as this might suggest that your primary interest is in the perks rather than the job itself. 
  • Questions That Show You Didn’t Do Your Research. It’s important not to ask questions that reveal a lack of preparation or knowledge about the company, such as “What does your company do?” or “Who are your competitors?” 
  • Overly Personal Questions. Avoid asking questions that delve into the personal lives of interviewers that may make them uncomfortable, such as asking about the interviewer’s salary or wanting to know about hobbies. 

Asking good questions during your interview not only showcases your interest in a job, but it also helps you make an informed decision about your career. It could be the key to landing you more than just a job, but one you love. 

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