Is Your Online Presence Turning Top Candidates Away?

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on July 12, 2013

Much has been written about the importance of a job seeker’s online presence — but what about the online presence of employers who are seeking to hire top candidates?

An organization’s online presence serves several essential purposes. One of them is presenting the company in its best possible light to customers or clients; another is providing solid, updated information to job seekers. Staying relevant online means staying relevant in the eyes of candidates. An outdated or absent online presence implies that a company cannot offer a top candidate the career opportunities or connections he or she craves — and increases the chances that top candidates will look elsewhere.

How does a company stay relevant online? Here are a few tips:

  • Establish a social media presence and keep it up. Lacking a social media presence may be a red flag to top candidates seeking top job positions, but so is a social media presence with no sign of activity. While your organization does not need an active presence on every possible site, hitting the largest ones – like Facebook and LinkedIn — can help keep your organization top-of-mind among top candidates.
  • Maintain a blog. Blogs share information and generate community. They also demonstrate that your organization seeks to engage others in the same field and is passionate about collecting and sharing information. By contrast, an inactive blog makes an organization look uninterested in the industry it occupies. Keeping a blog going attracts top candidates and keeps your organization in their minds when they are looking for a new position.
  • Keep your website current. Social media and blogs extend a company’s presence, but its “home on the web” is its website. Job seekers will start with a company’s website when researching the organization, so maintaining a current and regularly-updated website is key. If the company has made changes to its branding, product line, or staff, the website should reflect these immediately.

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