TERRA Helped Me Launch My Dream Career After College

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on September 16, 2019

Meagan Dew graduated from Washington State University in 2018. Like most recent graduates, she was on the search for a job.

“Before I graduated, I had really just been working seasonal retail jobs,” Meagan shared.

She had majored in business, and was eager to find something in her field of study. But it turned out to be harder than she anticipated.

“I kept applying to positions, and I was getting to a point where I never heard anything back,” she said.

Meagan didn’t let it discourage her.

“I came across a recruiter job posting online,” she said. “I figured I could help people find jobs, so I decided to go ahead and apply.”

The recruiter position in question was for TERRA Staffing Group’s Kirkland office.

Kirkland Branch Manager Morgan Mason saw her resume and asked her to come in for an interview – but for a different role.

“When I saw Meagan’s resume, I was impressed by the projects that she had completed in her time at college,” Morgan shared. “Her experience wasn’t right for the recruiter role, but I wanted to interview her anyway.”

“I was open to hearing about other positions,” Meagan shared. “I just wanted something.

So, she went to the interview – it lasted a little longer than usual.

“Meagan and I talked about what her goals were and what she wants to do next,” Morgan said. “She easily showed me how smart and motivated she is, so I offered her a temporary position in the Kirkland branch as our office coordinator…starting right now.

Meagan started her first day as a temporary office coordinator immediately after the interview!

She worked in that position for a few months and while she enjoyed it, she knew it wasn’t her long-term fit.

“Right away, I saw how detail-oriented Meagan is,” Morgan said. “She always asked great questions and showed impressive critical thinking skills.”

Morgan knew the role Meagan was filling in the Kirkland branch wasn’t her long-term fit.  We’re in the business of making “the right fit” so Morgan kept her eyes open for a great long-term match for Meagan.

She didn’t have to wait long.  One of the Kirkland branch’s clients–a bank–was looking for a Loan Specialist and Morgan knew just the person for the job.

“Morgan told me she had the perfect job for me,” Meagan shared. “She said it would be dealing with loans as well as a lot of data entry, and was more in line with what I studied in college.”

So, Meagan went to interview with the company, and this one went well too.

The company called Morgan immediately, “they said she’s exactly the type of person they need.”

Meagan thought it was a great fit for what she was looking for, too.

She received the job offer and started her position as a Loan Specialist with the company and she loves it!

“This job is in the field I’m interested in,” Meagan shared. “It’s put me on a path to get to my dream career.”

We asked Meagan if she would recommend TERRA to other job seekers.

“Of course! TERRA does a great job of making sure people are in the direction they want to be in. Once Morgan saw the right opportunity for me, she made sure I went for it. I was presented with the right opportunities to get into the right field,” she said.

She has some advice for others looking for a new opportunity:

“Don’t lose hope. There are people out there that want to help you, you just have to let them. You may get rejected – a lot. But keep trying. If you don’t get a certain position, just know that wasn’t the right one. Your right fit is out there.”

That’s great advice! Thank you, Meagan, for letting us play a part in your success story.

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