My New Job is a Match Made in Heaven

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on August 23, 2017

A year and half ago, Nathanael Rojas moved from California to Oregon.

Finding a job that was right for him was difficult. He tried doing lumber work, construction, landscaping and even some housekeeping, but none of these jobs were a good match.

Nathanael was unemployed for three months. It was a struggle to make ends meet. He wound up having to give up his apartment and had no choice but to move in with his parents.

He applied directly to employers for work, but decided that it was time to do a search for temp agencies in Beaverton.

He arranged for a meeting with TERRA’s Beaverton recruiting team and met with Recruiter, Samantha Skach. He discussed his interest in warehouse opportunities, citing his previous experience in cycle counting and inventory.

Sam shared, “He was very well-spoken and friendly. He had some experience and I thought he would be great for a variety of our positions – especially since TERRA has many great foot-in-the-door opportunities.”

Nathaneal was open to a variety of employment opportunities. His primary focus was getting back to work.

He did a short-term assignment at a printing company and soon after, Sam found him a long-term job working for a company that manufactured wooden trusses.

Unfortunately, though the pay was great, the job was not right for him.

He spoke openly with Sam. “I told her that I really appreciated that she’d found me this job, but I just couldn’t do it.”

Sam immediately began searching for warehouse opportunities in Beaverton that were a better fit for him. When an order picker role with a local warehouse became available, she immediately thought of Nathanael.

He shared, “The 1st day I walked in and thought that it was such a nice warehouse. It was clean. Everything was set up well and organized. There was no one yelling. It was just so different.”

There were other things he loved about the role, too. “I had a good manager and the warehouse staff was so friendly. It was so nice to work in a drama-free environment. AND it’s a 12-15 minute drive from home!”

He added, “This job was what I was looking for. This was the kind of job I knew. Plus, it was indoors and a more controlled environment. I was getting full-time hours, working 7am-4pm, Monday-Friday.  It was great.”

There was one aspect of the job that frustrated him – being unable to reach products that were high up, because he was not certified to operate a picker/forklift.  A part of him felt bad about constantly asking someone for help, but another part of him saw this as an opportunity to learn.

Nathanael said, “I decided to ask for training. I wanted to be able to do things myself, and be able to help others. They were open to it and set me up with a class on picker operation. Once I completed the training, I was certified!”

It gets better.  Not only did he get certified, he was offered a promotion!

“One of the replenishers resigned, so there was an opening. My manager came over to me and said, ‘I’ve chosen you to be a replenisher. Are you interested?’ Of course, I said yes! I mean, it was what I had received training on.”

This new role did involve some changes. “My schedule became 10am-9pm, Monday-Thursday. Still full-time hours, but now I have a 3-day-weekend every week! And the job pays more!”

It’s no surprise that Nathanael is doing so well. Sam said, “This client loves to train individuals who are eager to work and want to learn a new industry.  They loved that he learned quickly and that he really seemed to enjoy the work he was doing.”

Not only does Nathanael enjoy the work he’s doing, he absolutely loves the products the warehouse distributes!

“I’m artistic – and this is an art supply warehouse! I get a great discount, too. So I usually spend my breaks walking through the aisles and shopping! And I get to see all these new products that I’ve never seen before.”

Clearly, this is a match made in heaven.

“It’s crazy. I lost my apartment, and then I got this job. I just gotta be patient.Now I am working my way back up,” he said.

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Nathanael shared a little about his experience.

“If you communicate clearly with your recruiter about the job you want, they can help you find it. It surprised me, honestly. I normally prefer to find employment directly with employers. But they can find the right fit for you. Sometimes it just takes time and patience.

There were times I was picky, but if I didn’t give something new a try, I wouldn’t know if it was right and I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I am so grateful to Sam, to TERRA and to my manager.

Other staffing agencies let me down, but not TERRA.”

We are so glad that we were able to help Nathanael find a job that makes his happy and we wish him continued success in his new role!

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