On a Scale of 1-10, My Experience with TERRA is an 11!

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on July 19, 2016

Eduardo Murillo
We are so happy we were able to help you find a job you love in an industry you are so clearly passionate about! Congrats, Ed!

Eduardo Murillo is a Civil War buff who was able to turn his interest in Gettysburg into an impressive 16 year career working as a defense contractor.

One day, while looking through TERRA’s website, a position with a company that specializes in defense aircraft firearms caught Ed’s eye.

This job was right up his alley. As a defense contractor, he sold weapons systems found mounted on aircrafts, was familiar with aircraft terminology, troubleshooting, and reading and interpreting drawings.

He immediately applied.

Not long after, Mesa Recruiter, Jannine Hedger, contacted Ed. She was impressed with his experience.

“Ed worked in the defense industry and was a Class-3 solderer.  And it was evident that he had a strong work ethic and advanced skills.”

Jannine knew that her client would like his defense industry experience, especially since it directly tied in to their business.  She arranged an interview between them.

And Jannine was right. Ed was exactly who they were looking for.

Less than an hour after the interview, the client told Jannine that they wanted to hire him – and they wanted to offer him a higher pay!

Ed recalls, “When I got the news I was on the road. It hadn’t even been an hour since my interview. I remember saying, ‘What?’ I had to pull over.”

A little more than three months into the role and Ed is on cloud nine. “I enjoy everything about my new job.  It allows me to use my 16 years of experience. Every day has variety and I am always learning new things.  Plus, the people are terrific. The benefits and salary are fantastic. I am not planning on leaving. TERRA found me my dream job.”

Regarding his experience working with TERRA, he shared, “I’ve worked with other staffing firms in the past. If I scored them from 1-10, one would be a 6 and the other would be a 2. But TERRA is an 11!”

He added, “TERRA was fantastic. Because I was still working, I had to go after work to complete the interview paperwork, and had a long way to drive. The staff was kind enough to wait for me to arrive at their office. And Jannine went out of her way to help me – not only did she stay in constant contact with me, she even helped me polish my resume. I would definitely recommend TERRA.”

There’s nothing like working in an industry you are passionate about and we are so happy that Ed is now doing a job he loves in a field he loves.

Looking to create a success story of your own? We can help. We have offices in Mesa and West Phoenix and our team of expert recruiters is waiting to hear from you.

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