How to Scale Your Staffing Strategy to Match a Growing Company

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on May 12, 2017

Like a child outgrowing their clothes as quickly as you can buy them, a growing company will soon need a new staffing strategy that “fits” as well.

Here are several tips for scaling your staffing strategy to match your company’s growth, so you have better access to the candidates you need when you need to hire.

    1. Create a “modular” staffing strategy. Companies grow differently, in different directions. For example, you may need to add staff quickly in one department while waiting on additions in another. By thinking of your staffing strategy as a modular construction in which different strategies are created for different purposes, you create a structure that is cohesive and self-supporting, yet can also adapt quickly if your company needs to grow in a direction you did not originally anticipate.
    2. Maximize the value of contract staff. Temporary or contract staff provide essential support through “growing pains” in a wide range of fields and specialties. Talk to your staffing partner about the temporary connections they can provide – qualified staff who can help you with specialized projects or reduce the workload on your core team during a seasonal rush.

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  1. Connect your staffing strategy to your company’s culture and employment branding. Growing companies often offer some of the most vibrant and exciting company cultures. There’s always a new challenge to tackle, opportunities on the horizon and the chance to turn an innovation into a major mark on the world. By integrating these features into your employment branding, your company can attract talented candidates with the passion to help you grow further.
  2. Work closely with your recruiter. Staffing firms specialize in helping each of their clients expand and grow through both the short and the long term. Whether you need qualified temporary staff to tackle a specialized project, or need a new permanent team member on short notice, your staffing partner will be ready to assist. They can also take on tasks like creating job postings and screening candidates, freeing up you and your team to focus on the latest business challenge.

At TERRA Staffing Group, our recruiters can help you create a strategic staffing plan that grows with your company, helping you secure the top-quality professional candidates you need when you need them.

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