Being Laid Off Actually Helped Me Land the Perfect Fit – Thank You TERRA

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on July 6, 2018

After being laid off, Lyndee (featured here sitting at her desk) was able to find a new job in 8 days, thanks to TERRA.When you’re the sole provider for your family, having steady work is extremely important.

That’s why Lyndee Hakim was loyal to her employer of six and a half years, a business that supports companies with pre-employment screenings and onboarding services.

Though she enjoyed the stability, Lyndee wanted more. She was looking for growth. She wanted a change.

When a job opportunity to work with a medical device company presented itself, Lyndee couldn’t pass it up. The job not only seemed new and exciting, it would allow her to use her bachelor’s degree in accounting. She made the switch.

Unfortunately, after just six months into the role, she was unexpectedly laid off – on Christmas weekend no less! As a single mother of three, Lyndee was devastated.

With her family in mind, she took time over the holidays to figure out her next step.

Lyndee decided to look into TERRA Staffing Group. Her previous long-term employer had worked with TERRA and she remembered the employees to be thoughtful and caring.

Lyndee visited TERRA’s website and began searching for administrative jobs. She applied for an Office Manager role at an HVAC company.

Seattle Recruiter Jennifer Woods was working on the position. She called Lyndee the following day.

“I loved her energy,” Jennifer said. “Lyndee was detailed in her answers about her past experience and even acknowledged areas she knew she could improve upon. She also had great longevity, which is hard to find nowadays.”

Jennifer added, “Lyndee’s previous employer described her as a ‘jack of all trades,’ which was exactly what my client was looking for. He wants to retire in the next few years and needed someone in this role who could make company decisions.”

The interview Jennifer arranged between Lyndee and the client went great.

The client thought that Lyndee was well-qualified. He felt confident that Lyndee could handle a high level of responsibility – and the entire team really liked her!

Just eight days after meeting with Jennifer, Lyndee began her new job.

Lyndee has been in her position for 5 months now and is happy TERRA found her a job that she can call home.

“This was exactly the type of multifaceted job I was looking for. This role allows me to utilize my skills in business management, HR and accounting, and kept me in the salary range I needed in order to support my family, while still gaining work experience.”

Lyndee also had great things to say about working with Jennifer. “She was super nice and very instrumental in helping me land a job so quickly. I didn’t even have a gap in paychecks – they actually overlapped!”

If you’ve been recently laid off, don’t panic. Here’s what Lyndee said about her experience:

“Change can be good, so just stay positive. I’m actually glad I was laid off! I wasn’t at the time, but looking at the bigger picture, it landed me the perfect fit through TERRA.”

Lyndee, thank you for trusting TERRA to find you the right fit! We wish you continued success!

Consider partnering with TERRA on your job search. We can help you find a job that you can wake up and be excited about every day.

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