TERRA Landed Me a Great Job with a Startup Tech Company in Seattle

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on December 26, 2018

Megan now works for a startup tech company in the pet industry and she loves her job.

After graduating from Loyola University Chicago, Megan Priddis began contemplating her next move.

When her boyfriend landed a tech job in Seattle, the decision was simple. They relocated to Seattle.

Her boyfriend hit the ground running, but Megan did not have as much success finding work.

She decided to partner with a staffing agency, taking small contract jobs, in order to make some money. Having just graduated from college, she was open to temp work. She just wanted to see what type of position would be a good fit for her.

Ultimately, Megan grew tired of working positions that were not exciting and were a poor fit.  She decided to job search once more.

It was during an online search that she found TERRA Staffing Group.

The variety of job opportunities TERRA had available piqued her interest. She figured they must have a position for her. One that she could grow in.

She called the TERRA’s Seattle branch and arranged an interview for later that week.

She met with Staffing Manager Patty Stoddard.

Patty offered Megan a temporary Quality Assurance role with an online tech company in the pet industry. This position would allow Megan the opportunity to use her customer service skills and add to her skill set.

But… she turned it down.

Megan’s nerves got the best of her, and she was afraid to try something new. Patty asked Megan to think about for a few hours and then give her a final answer.

And her instincts started to tell her something different.

“For whatever reason, I just had this gut feeling that this job was where I was supposed to be,” Megan shared.

She thought back to all the other positions she had taken in the past that didn’t interest her and decided, “Why not?!”

Megan called Patty just 30 minutes later and accepted the role.

Despite being nervous and unsure of what to expect, she was excited and ready to get to work.

Megan did a fanastic job!

Patty received frequent emails from Megan’s supervisors telling her what a great addition to team she was.

“Megan is so positive and just happy to be here. She connects well with everyone and is highly productive. She is a consistent high performer,” one said.

Even though this position was as a temp role to start, Megan was such a terrific fit that the client wanted her to apply for a permanent position there. With the endorsement of her supervisors, she interviewed and was offered a full-time, regular position!

“Being hired was one of the best feelings ever!” Megan exclaimed. “I feel relieved to have found my home.”

Megan loves her co-workers and being part of a start-up tech company. She also enjoys the investigative work she’s doing. “It’s a great fit for my personality and the perfect amount of challenge,” she said.

We asked Megan what she thought made her such a valuable employee.

“I ask a lot of questions. I also have great attention to detail, strong organizational skills and learn fast. You tell me something once, and I get it.”

Megan had this advice for job seekers who are having trouble finding the right fit:

“Don’t let the word ‘no’ intimidate you. You should always say, ‘yes, I can do that!’ Keep a positive attitude and remind yourself that you can handle anything. You got this!”

Would she recommend TERRA? “Yes! The process was easy. They can help anyone find a great fit.”

Here’s the best part: Megan has been with the company for over a year and a half and has been promoted to Operations Specialist!

Congratulations on finding a career you love, Megan! We wish you continued success and are thankful you gave us the opportunity to play a part in your success story.

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