TERRA Has Been My Rock for the Last 12 Years – We’ve Had a Great Partnership

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on August 21, 2018

Randy Magee, TERRA Success Story, and Hanna Micks, Staffing Specialist, have a great partnership
(L-R) Randy Magee and Hanna Micks, Staffing Specialist, have a great partnership.

Randy Magee began his partnership with TERRA Staffing Group in 2006.

He walked by our Seattle office and decided to drop by, curious about the type of employment opportunities TERRA had available.

Since that fateful day, 12 years ago, our team has been able to place him on nearly 20 assignments!

Our partnership has been so successful because Randy is reliable, hardworking and a great team player. His strong work ethic has really helped up provide him with steady employment throughout the years.

The only break in our relationship with Randy came in 2014. He left Seattle and relocated to Louisiana, to be closer to his mother, who was experiencing health issues.

But two years later, he returned to Seattle and, as it happened, received a text from the Seattle team about a job opportunity.

Randy began working that very same week!

He started working as a machine operator with a local aerospace company.

And that’s when the magic happened.

Hanna Micks, Seattle Staffing Specialist, shared, “It didn’t take long for leadership to recognize that Randy was someone with a lot of potential, someone who could grow with the company.”

And grow he did.

Not only did the client hire Randy as a full-time, regular employee, he is currently in training for a lead position!

The client loves having him on the team.

“Randy shows up every day, on-time, ready to work. He is a great team player and isn’t afraid to move around in a role.”

They added, “Randy doesn’t cut any corners. He really does want to make this a better place.”

Randy’s commitment to doing quality work and his positive energy and attitude have really helped him flourish in his new role – and have helped him lead a successful career!

Regarding  his partnership with TERRA, Randy said:

“TERRA took care of me when I didn’t know how to take care of myself. And even though I’ve found my career home, I will always be a TERRA employee at heart. I need to keep seeing you guys. You are my protection. My rock.”

We couldn’t be happier for Randy and are so proud of his success. Thank you for trusting us and letting us play a part in your story, Randy!

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