4 Ways to Support Employees During Back to School Season

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on August 31, 2018

Back to School signBack to school season can be hectic for many companies, regardless of their connection to the education system.

Employees with children going back to school often need more support during this time.

They need more flexibility in their schedules. They often need to take phone calls. Or they may need other assistance to ensure both their family time and their work go smoothly.

So, how to do you manage your business and still support your staff when the new school year approaches?

4 Way to Manage Staffing During Back to School Season

1. Know what’s on the calendar.

School districts post their academic calendars online well in advance of the new school year. Managers who check these have a better sense of when classes begin for various local schools, which can help them better predict when conflicts might arise.

Plan for flexibility a few weeks before the official start of school and a few weeks after. Doing so will help employees with children manage all the details surrounding the start of school, such as band camp, sports physicals and addressing their child’s schedule or school day needs.

2. Focus on project needs, not time clock needs.

Employees who know they can get their hours in when it works best for them experience less stress and greater motivation to complete their work well. Where possible, offer employees the option to “make up” time in a way that allows projects to be completed on schedule. By doing so, you make it easier for employees with children to attend back-to-school meetings and take care of similar tasks without sacrificing the quality of their work to undue stress.

3. Go remote.

Which employees could take work home, telecommute or otherwise work remotely on certain projects? Can these projects be shuffled into the fall window to make it easier for employees with children to meet both their work and family needs? If so, consider offering the option for employees to work remotely on certain items or projects.

4. Consider hiring seasonal help.

If the busy fall season will cause significant disruption in your workplace, consider hiring a few temporary staff members to help lighten the load, so your core staff can focus on essential tasks while also ensuring that back-to-school season runs smoothly. Your recruiter can help you find the qualified contract workers you need to thrive at this time of year.

At TERRA Staffing Group, our recruiters strive to help our clients find the staff they need, build a strong company culture, and reach their business goals.

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