TERRA Helped Me Find Employment with a Company That Values Me

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on March 29, 2018

Halet Maas, TERRA Success Story. Our Seattle team was able to help her find employment fast.Haley Maas attended Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA. She liked the area so much that she decided to find employment there.

For about two years, she worked in the customer service industry, doing hostess work and serving.

When things were slow at the restaurant, she worked in the shipping and billing department of a custom fabrication and installation company. Haley handled a variety of duties in that role, which she really enjoyed. She loves being busy, managing moving parts.

Eventually, she decided that it was time to leave Bellingham and move back home to Seattle.

“I wanted a ‘big girl’ job with benefits. I wanted a career,” said Haley.

After a conversation with friends, Haley began considering working with a staffing agency to find employment. She scheduled an interview at TERRA’s Seattle office, where she met with Recruiting Coordinator Ashley Archuleta.

After meeting Haley, Ashley thought she would be a great fit for a position Recruiter Jennifer Woods was working on.

Jenn agreed. She thought Haley would be perfect for her client’s Patient Benefits Coordinator role.

She shared, “Haley had both customer service and administrative experience – skills that are very transferable to a medical office.”

In her current role, Haley is interacting with clients on a regular basis and keeping busy. She loves it.

“I get to use my social and people skills. It’s busy, detail-oriented work. It’s a different type of challenging and I love that I get to learn so much.”

The client is thrilled with Haley. Here’s what the hiring manager had to say:

“Haley is a dedicated and hardworking employee, always eager to find additional work and very flexible with her schedule. We love seeing her as our Patient Benefits Coordinator/ Receptionist and are excited to help develop her skills to move around within the company. I have had nothing but amazing comments from patients and coworkers and can’t say enough about her.”

Regarding her experience with TERRA, Haley said, “I worked with a staffing agency before but they were not responsive. TERRA was very fast. I had more than one point of contact. Two people actually contacted me with jobs. I would definitely recommend working with TERRA.”

On the fence about whether or not to work with a temp agency? Haley had some insight to share about the benefits of partnering with a staffing firm – and gave us a peek at what made her so successful on the job.

“Working with a staffing firm is great. Basically, you tell recruiters what you want. They are connected to jobs and have the inside scoop to some you wouldn’t find on your own. Working with a staffing agency is easier than you think. It’s definitely a resource that is underutilized.

My secret to success? I have an outgoing personality – and thick skin. I accept critique and don’t take things personally.

My goal is to learn. So I show interest in the job and ask to be taught things. I want to be able to answer questions. I am not afraid to take initiative. At the end of the day, I want to make an impact, streamline processes and contribute to the success of the business.”

Great advice, Haley! We are so glad we could help you find a job you enjoy and wish you continued success in your career.

How TERRA Can Help You

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