Job Searching Can Be Scary – I’m Glad I Had TERRA On My Side

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on October 17, 2017

Trying to find a new job, but unsure about staffing firms? Check out this great story.

In 2014, Kimmberly Bowen landed what seemed like a great job doing technical support.

The role allowed her to grow her computer skills, gain technical knowledge and learn new applications.

Though she loved everything she was learning, she found herself feeling unhappy.

You see, the job was a great fit, but the employer… not so much. And her schedule of 3pm-1:30am really did not allow her to spend much time with her young son.

Interested in learning about new job opportunities, but not ready to quit her job without having a new source of income lined up, Kimmberly decided to do an online search for jobs, just to see what was available.

“I wanted out. I was open to other jobs, but I was primarily looking for office jobs or data entry roles. My goal was to just continue gaining experience,” she said.

A job posting by a top temp agency in Beaverton caught her eye and she decided to apply.

Less than 24 hours later, Kimmberly was contacted by Megan Herrell, Recruiter for TERRA’s Beaverton branch.

Megan shared her impression of Kimmberly. “I thought she was very motivated and driven. She had a young child and was working swing shift. And though she loved the work she was doing, she needed a change that allowed her to be around her family. This was a huge motivator for her, to go out on a limb and try a completely new type of position. She was friendly, easy to talk to and struck me as the PERFECT candidate for the position I was recruiting for – a Purchasing Administrative Assistant.”

Megan continued, “This client values candidates that have some sort of background in electronic manufacturing, which can be challenging to find. And Kimmberly had previously worked as tech support and material handler with a local electronics manufacturing company. She had a good understanding of the field. And since she was looking to find a new job that was different, and was motivated to work in more of an office setting with a traditional 9-5 schedule, I thought it was a perfect match for her and what she was looking for.”

Two business days later, Kimmberly interviewed with the client.

According to Megan, “The client thought Kimmberly was a perfect fit. They wanted to hire her immediately after meeting her.  They didn’t even want to see anyone else!”

That’s right…she was offered the job the very same day!

Kimmberly said, “I love my job and it’s a much better fit. It’s a better schedule and a better environment. My coworkers are lively and friendly, and I am able to gain a lot more experience and knowledge. And I have much more freedom and time to spend with my son. I actually feel a little spoiled!”

Regarding her experience working with TERRA, Kimmberly said, “I’d never worked with a staffing agency before. I didn’t expect things to be so easy, honestly. The process was clear and simple. It was laid back and not overly-complicated. There were no problems – even when I got sick and couldn’t go in to work. Megan was understanding.”

To anyone unsure about partnering with a staffing agency, Kimmberly had this to say:

“Looking for a new job was scary. I worked for my previous employer for three years, though I guess it was a comfort thing. It was scary not knowing what would happen, or what to expect.

It was comforting to have TERRA by my side. I knew I wasn’t alone. And with a temp agency, the worst case scenario is that it doesn’t work out. Your recruiter can help you find a better fit. Take the time to build a relationship with your recruiter. They’ll have your back.

TERRA really tries to help you find what you are looking for. I would definitely recommend TERRA to someone looking to find a new job.”

Kimmberly, we are really glad we were able to help you find a better fit that allows you to learn, grow and spend more time with your son!

How TERRA Can Help You Find a New Job

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